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Slapped cheek in my class

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by smileysun, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. smileysun

    smileysun New commenter

    Hi all,
    Just looking for a bit of advice. Yesterday I spotted a child in my class who had very red, blotchy cheeks resemblent of slapped cheek. She was collected form school and diagnosed over the phone by the doctor as having 'possible slapped cheek'. Why she couldn't actually have a face to face diagnosis I don't know but there you go. I left school immediately as I'm 14+2 weeks pregnant and heard it is not good to come in touch with this under 20 weeks. Today I went for a blood test to check immunity but I won't hear back about the results for a few days apparently. The child in question went back to school in the afternoon yesterday. Should I go back to school tomorrow? I've heard that once the redness appears, they are not contagious but who's to say it's not around the school? And until I know if I'm immune, I'm not sure what to do. Any advice on what's best? Thanks,

  2. Hi. I'm going through something very similar. I'm 13+5 and slapped cheek has been going around my school since before Christmas. I had a blood test at 8 weeks pregnant and didn't hear back from my midwife so thought I was immune but checked yesterday and I am not. It's a worry so I've now got to have another blood test to see whether I have contracted it so am now off work waiting to see.
    My advice would be to stay off until you find out whether you are immune to it and I'd like me you are not then you will be advised by your gp and mw to stay away from school until there are no other cases of slapped cheek. If you find that you are immune then you will be fine.

    Hope that helps. I worried about my school but they have a duty of care to you an your unborn baby.
  3. Hi Smileysun
    What happened in the end? I've been sent home today on the advice of the GP, as there are two cases of Slapped Cheek in my school and despite the diagnosis, the parents have sent them both in since Friday. I'm 21+3 weeks pregnant but the doctor suggested as a precaution I stay at home for the rest of the week, and if there are no new cases in that time, return on Monday. Seem to be catching everything, so I'm happy with that. Just wondered what was the outcome for you, as LEA Occupational Health have said take GPs advice and nothing more!
  4. Any updates on any of these situations? I'm 19+1 and left school at lunch today as slapped cheek was confirmed in my class. I think I'm expected to go back tomorrow as they seem to think that because this one child is staying off I will be fine. I won't know if I have it until Friday, so I'm not sure about taking the risk in case any of my other little delights have the virus?

    I'm really concerned because it turns out I'm not immune to any of the other childhood illnesses, even though I've had most of them. This makes me think I'm not going to be immune to parvovirus either.

    If I'm non-immune, then what happens?

    Not feeling very happy [​IMG]
  5. Leesey, I would say if you're not immune, you should be signed off work until there have been no ew cases reported in your school. The incubation period can be up to three weeks, so you are right to be worried about other children having it. You can self-certify for 5 days - I'm staying off for the rest of this week by self-certifying, but seeing my GP tomorrow to ask to be signed off until my test results are back. If I'm not immune, I won't go back until school can be certain no child is carrying the virus - 20 days after the last case was diagnosed (again, will need my GP's approval for this)
  6. I agree with LMC. Staying at home until I know if I'm immune or not (told the test results take 10 working days). If I'm immune, I'll go back and think no more about it and if I'm not, then I expect to be signed off until the 20 day incubation period is over. By the time the test results have come back, it'll pretty much be that anyway. That's assuming there are no more cases of course! I should add that there are no cases in my class so far, just siblings in another two classes and as we are a fairly small one-form entry school, it would be difficult to avoid them completely.
  7. I'm at a very small, three class village school, so although the child who has been diagnosed isn't in my class, it's impossible not to come into contact with her/other potential/sources.
  8. Well I am about to return after being off til I found I was immune. Kids don't have to be kept off with slapped cheek as its not that bad for them but the child in my school was not taken to the gp after the school suggested. A few others were showing symptoms too. I am supply so lost a weeks pay too! Anyway the blood test can show if you have had contact recently or in the past and past contact makes you immune. My result came back no recent contact but past contact so patient has immunity.

    What other illnesses as we to stay off for?
  9. Have a look at the Health Protection Agency website - we have a poster & list at work which gives details of childhood illnesses and that explains which are risky to pregnant women.
  10. I've joined the "signed off" brigade now... 2 weeks or until test results come back...
  11. Thankfully I'm immune... so it's back to school after almost two weeks' wait for the results. Well that's one less thing to worry about!
  12. I'm not infected, phew! Back to work for me too :)
  13. No news for me yet....

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