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slap cheek syndrome

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Dannii100, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. I'm not entirely sure why i'm writing this thread except to spread awareness... and i'm very bored as i've been sent home!
    Today the finance manager (who is excellent in all policies, procedures, rules etc!) approached me and discussed the fact that we've had our 5th child with slap cheek syndrome at school. I'm sorry I really don't know much about it but have been told it's similar to chicken pox and that pregnant women under 20 weeks are highly at risk.
    Anyway she told me to ring my midwife asap. Couldn't get hold of her but got hold of a lady who asked a doctor at the hospital who told me I needed to get home asap and keep away from school until it's been completely cleared of the virus. No idea how we're suppose to know when it's cleared!
    The hospital told me to ring my GP so I can get tested, so I did. The GP over the phone also told me exactly the same thing and told me to get home.I will be tested later to check i'm ok.
    I am sooooo pleased now that I told HT and finance manager that i'm pregnant (I did this at about 8 or 9 weeks, a couple of weeks ago) as I would have been clueless and not have done anything about it. I've read on a couple of threads about 'when to tell' and I guess for these very reasons, it may be a good idea to tell early. Totally up to you of course.
    On a separate note, i'm suffering from a lot of back pain so am making the most of the time, however long i'm off school to rest, eat, watch telly and do absolutely nothing!! I felt very guilty about having to go home as apart from the back, i'm fine. But will rest, rest and rest xxx
    Dannii 10 + 6
  2. I found some info.

  3. Hi Dannii, one of my children in class had it when I was in early pregnancy this time. The child has to be off school as it is contagious. It's not that uncommon amongst children. It's the parvovirus - mentioned in the big purple pregnancy book that looks like a telephone directory! I was blood tested by midwife and told not to worry (guess she would say that). One of the risks of our job I guess! Like chicken pox etc - which incidently had a child sent home with today in my class. Apparently majority of people are immune to the parvovirus anyway.
    Try not to worry. xx
  4. Oh good, thank you. I don't know what to think and didn't know what it was. So it's fine to be at school??
    I have conflicting views from the doctors and the antenatal people! Both professionals say I'm at risk but doctor says go back to school and the antenatal people tell me to stay home argghh! I just want to know what to do!
  5. Hi Dannii,
    I was in exactly the same position as you just before Christmas. A girl in our class had suspected slap cheek but her dad was insistant that it was just ezcema! On taking her to the doctors it was confirmed to be slap cheek. I was summoned to the heads office (I hadn't told her but had informed the 4 collegues I work with) and was told to go straight to the doctors and was in no uncertain terms allowed to go back until I had the results of a blood test. The doctor told me I was not to go back as I could be putting myself at risk. Felt so frustrated being at home as there was nothing wrong with me. Didn't get the test result back until 23rd Dec, so missed the production, party and seeing the children before Christmas. Suppose it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when you are carrying something so precious. x
  6. It does seem to be so much out there. Just been reading tonights newspaper and there's an article in it about slap cheek effectign a pregnant lady's baby and it having surgery in the womb.
    Always best to get checked out, agree totally with katylou, you are carrying something so very precious.
    Best wishes xx
  7. Sorry, I hope i'm not worrying anyone who is reading this, just thought it was important to share in case you experience similar things. Couldn't believe what I was hearing from the professionals, how risky it is to be around children with slap cheek when two days ago I hadn't even heard of it. Risk of Miscarriage etc for pregnancy under 20 weeks.The children with it should be fine!
    UPDATE: Had my blood test this morning which will show whether I am immune to the virus. If I am (which is likely) then I should be fine returning to work. If i'm not then there's a problem as both GP's and Midwife and their department all say that you should NOT be around children with slap syndrome. Which I understand, but then pregnant mum's with kids with chicken pox have to just deal with it!
    Oh well, i'm not going to complain (except I feel real bad about not being at school) but GP has signed me off until the results come back in a week's time. Wow! So have been at home, communicating with my colleague during lunch times, after school etc so I can plan and help as much with the work load as I can at home! I guess it is better to be safe than sorry x
  8. Smurf191

    Smurf191 New commenter

    In one of my schools we had slap cheek in one class and a colleague must have been in her 1st weeks of pregnancy as nobody know and she disappeared for 5 months! After 3 months we knew why she was off but she wasn't allowed back even when all the slap cheek had gone - there must have been some underlying other medical issue but 5 months! Her poor colleague had supply teachers for all that time in the other year one class.
    Just to reassure you, the baby was fine after being around it for a few days!
    It's the parents who don't say why there children are off that cause a problem, before I was pregnant I had slap ceek in my class the boy was off for a week she brought him back saying 'oh yeah he had slap cheek' by a week it could have spread and anyone could have caught it.
  9. Smurf, at work only a few people know that i'm pregnant! On Weds morning when I was just my normal jolly self, I disappeared at break time when I found out and since then I keep getting mixed messages of confusion with 'hope you get better soon' and 'see you on Monday' etc!! I feel so bad, I just want to say I'm fine and healthy heehee. My colleague is finding it hard to fob off everyone with me being ill!! I actually don't know whether I can go out in town etc just in case people see me???! I'll be bored sitting at home and not being able to go out til Thursday.
    Thank you for the reassurance, and omg I hope i'm not off for 5 months................... ummm actually, that doesn't sound too bad after all [​IMG]
  10. I've been signed off for another week because results are not back argghh! We've got a school trip that I need to be on and lots of things that I've got to be at school for. I need to go back!!! School are being ok about this but I know deep down it's a right pain for them that i'm not there. So fed up now. Sorry I just had to rant.
  11. Dannii- what was your outcome? I'm off this week awaiting blood test results. The messages are so mixed but when it eventually rolled up in my class, I was told by the doc to stay away from school and feel really guilty about it- but more worried about the health of my baby!
    I'm sure I'll be fine, but it doesn't stop me worrying!
  12. Hi, coming to this late. This happened to me two years ago in my first pregnancy, and it took the best part of three weeks for the blood results to come back, although it overlapped with the Easter holidays so I only had a few days off. I thought it seemed a bit over the top, but then like someone has already said, there are different priorities when you're pregnant. I believe the results show whether you have immunity ie you had it when you were a kid, or whether you have recently had the infection and it is likely to have affected your pregnancy. So although it's a horrible wait for the results, at least once you have them you know for certain rather than just waiting to see for the rest of your pregnancy.
    Hope you both get reassuring results, it's yet another thing to worry about. To reassure you, most adults are already immune, and even if you aren't, it doesn't mean you've just caught it, and even if you get it, it doesn't necessarily mean something bad will happen, and even if something does go wrong, I think there are things they can do to stop it being really bad. A long-winded way of saying, it will most likely be alright!
    good luck ladies!
  13. The outcome, when I pestered, and pestered, and pestered the poor receptionist who finally put an urgent message to the doctor was all ok. It took up to 2 weeks but could have been more if I didn't hassle them!
    I'm not the kind to worry too much, but at the time I def did as you get all kinds of worrying messages so I totally know what you mean clematis.I too felt guilty and actually found I was more stressed as I didn't know what I was doing from day to day and I had to plan for the next day and was constantly emailing/phoning my parallel class colleague. In the last couple of days though I made sure I made the most of it and went to see my sis, mum and niece which was really lovely. So advice to you is, you're gonna be away, stop feeling guilty (as it ruined my unexpected time off for free!) and do a few nice things and make the most of it :)
    Thank you Mac, I remember all of those feelings too. I am totally reassured for at any point in my life now that I know I have that immunity.
  14. We're going through this mill right now. My wife's 12 weeks pregnant and had the symptoms of slap cheek (caused by Parvovirus B19 also called fifth disease) when she was around 4 weeks. It's taken until now to confirm it was the virus from blood tests. Apparently, the virus is infectious prior to the symptoms appearing so it's too late to avoid infected people once they're exhibiting symptoms. We've been told that it only potentially causes a problem between 4 - 20 weeks pregnant; outside that supposedly there's virtually no risk.

    It can increase the risk of miscarriage and / or cause fetal hydrops but I don't know the actual risk (high / medium or low etc). None of the healthcare professionals seem to be able or willing to give it to us straight. The effect on the fetus is supposedly easy to detect through scans and the bonus is treatment is available but it is a worrying time

    We're off to get the 1st scan this afternoon which I guess should be an event we should look forward to (this is our first baby but we're dreading it a little, not knowing what we'll discover.

    I'm not a teacher (though soon hope to be (career change)) but for those that are worrying about being off work. Don't feel guilty. Things will still go on, kids will still get taught and there are times in life when you need to be a bit selfish for yourself and family; and as far as i'm concerned, this is one such occasion.
  15. Just wanted to bump this and to get some advice please.....

    I have been signed off work for a week due to NOT being immune to slap cheek and having an outbreak in school (at least 8 cases in the last two weeks).
    I am in work tomorrow (Monday 21st March) BUT found out that on Friday there was another case of a girl (not in my class) and a teaching assistant!
    Although I know I can't stay off school until the birth however am terrified about putting myself in an at risk place. I would rather wait until there is a rash free week.
    I am 22 weeks pregnant and 18/19 when the first case was diagnosed.
    Anyone been through this before?
  16. roxy- replied on your other thread.
    ADUK- hope all was well at your scan.
    Luckily I am immune so back at work!
  17. OOOH hadn't heard of slap cheek in adults.
    Seek advice from the doctors, but I know that they will say that you'll be ok as you've gone 20 weeks. I know this still won't assure you still, because naturally you'll still worry.
    After my original posts, i've actually had a letter (after everything being fine) saying although everything is fine, they still would like me to get another test just to be sure!! I actually don't think I can be bothered... but perhaps I'll go in Easter. I def am not going to go through the stress of trying to book time off work for it.
    Have you had your blood test to test for immunity? Wait until you get your results back, once you find out (i'm sure it'll be fine) then you are good to go back x

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