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Skype Safeguarding protocols

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by hitthecity, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Hang on. A message has gone missing here.
    I logged on to defend us poor downtrodden middle managers from the claim that we are responsible for such initiatives. In fact such missives are generally sent from miles behind the front line, seemingly designed to prevent those of us with "key roles in moving the school forwards" from actually doing anything useful.
  2. Well, I seem to have opened a delightful can of worms...Anyone for a vent?
    Does anyone have a policy or set of protocols? This isn't just about the nefarious types lurking on the net, this is about a simple set of guidelines for safe and appropriate use of Skype in school.
  3. Then you don't need guidelines or protocols. Switch it on and use it. If anything goes wrong, switch it off.
    Just how difficult is it? Or would you like me to write a 37 page document saying the above?
    Maybe I could do a two week CPD on it for you?
  4. Thanks. I look forward to reading all 37 pages. Do sarcasm, snittiness and patronising swiping cost more?
    We all know that there will always be staff who wish to use the "I didn't know I shouldn't..." gambit when using the net, so a set of guidelines seemed like a good idea to me!
    I am simply requesting a set of rules/ protocols/ guidelines for staff and pupils so that we don't set it up one week and have to pull it the next, particularly as we will be encouraging pupils' families across the world to access Skype, not all of whom have their own computers. For some of these families, this will be their only chance to contact their relatives 'face-to-face' as some may be from disadvantaged families or developing countries and will have to pay a third party for their computer access . Forgive me for not wanting to disappoint them nor waste their nor my time... What am I thinking? Here I am responding to bile and spleen generated due to a simple request for assistance. How foolish of me! I was hoping that a fellow professional would be able to help. Ho hum...
  5. 576

    576 Established commenter

    - No calls not previously planned should be accepted or made.
    - Students should not have access to Skype without a teacher present.

    Any use??
    PS - Skype fails me nearly all the time now. (though maybe as my IT friend says I just need more RAM - maybe it's Skype - I don't know) I hear my parents but they do not hear me. Same with my Aunt. I listen to them on Skype & they read my half of the conversation through IM - so do you have a back up plan.
  6. Many thanks. I haven't explored a back-up plan... I'd better get thinking! Cheers.
  7. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    That complaint from young people, and its vice-versa, antedates Skype by many thousands of years.
    Makes sense.
    Just as they should not enjoy access to the school database, the library, the PE department's rugby ball cupboard, the Parent Association's second-hand clothing store or the Year Three Secret Easter Egg Trove without a responsible adult present.
    And your tech people can fix all the bars, filters, permissions, levels-of-access that you think you need.
    For example, if you think your head teacher spends too much time wittering on a certain forum, ask the tech crew to get his laptop's webcam to squirt lemon-juice in his eye whenever he types, 'TES'.
  8. AshgarMary

    AshgarMary New commenter

    You might find something useful on this link:

  9. No problem. i can generate bs to order.
    You asked. You got. When I became a profeshunnal I decided that my education and experience qualified me to make decisions. Some of them were quite hard and complicated, others simple. However, as I began to approach Oldgitdom I noticed a depressing tendency among my colleagues, some older, some younger, to cast off their profeshunal independence and intellectual standards in favour of things called plossys and prshedjahs, usually downloaded from a website without being read and then inflicted on the staff and students. I threw most of these things in the bin when they came my way and used my commonsense.
    I still try to do this, but I know, like Leonidas at the Hot Gates that I am doomed unless the rest of the Spartans get off their a$sses and come to my rescue. Unfortunately, the corrupting influence of the Ofstedians is at play and so the Spartans and the rest of the Sons of Socrates bow down to the great God of Ployssey and Prosedjah and neglect the true Gods of Wisdom and Enlightenment. Athena weeps.
    I am still employed too.
  10. I guess it is a case of "Be careful what you wish for". After 20 years of frequently unnecessary changes to curriculum; inspections; OFSTED (in all its despicable forms); under resourcing; overturned permanent exclusions; failed initiatives and a plethora of policy changes, I also feel the frustrations of 'death by policy documents'... doesn't make the need for guidance disappear! I assure you I'll look at any links as I've obviously got the time to reply to this!
    Go on, join me... I'M SPARTACUS!

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