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Skype Interview Etiquette

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Letmeout, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Letmeout

    Letmeout New commenter

    I have my first ever Skype interview on Friday with interviewers in two different locations and am feeling nervous about the connection failing, the delay and awkwardness you get with Skype when you talk at the same time as another person etc. Oh and should I call them or wait for them to call me?
    Any hints tips appreciated!
  2. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    I had an initial Skype interview. Treat it like a normal interview. Wait for them to call you (if they are interviewing a few people, you might not know which order it is in). Wear what you would wear to an interview. Skype someone you know before hand to check it all works.
    Amusingly, the guy who was interviewing had just been out for dinner with his family, had a beer and was wearing a hoddie. He was 8 hours ahead and it was a Sunday. They might turn up like that, but you should treat it like a regular interview.

    Good luck.
  3. lennoc

    lennoc New commenter

    I wouldn't worry too much about the connection - if they interview regularly by skype I'm sure they will have had that happen before and it won't be a big deal.
    I agree to wait until they call you but that is the kind of thing I'm usually pretty clear on when setting the arrangements up.
    The talking at the same time etc is no different to any phone interview. Take your time, apologise if you accidentally talk over someone.
    I've done quite a few skype interviews and it has always gone quite smoothly once the initial connection was made. Just make sure you're in a nice quiet location. Good luck.
  4. I had a Skype interview last week and it dropped out a few times. I was quite stressed or rather distressed about it, but the Head of School I was interviewing with says that it happens all the time and that it's good to know that it happens in other places too.

    I always interview in a shirt and tie, however I had a couple last week where the principals I was talking with were dressed very casually. I've also had an interview where they didn't have their camera activated at all and the lady told me I didn't have to have mine on either if I didn't want to.
  5. Just give yourself plenty of time before they call.

    I rushed home from work, had a fast shower and got all flustered, so lay on the bed, then they skyped me early and I only had time to throw on my top. Don't ask!!

    Good luck and don't forget your trousers!
  6. I made a school boy error last year interviewing for a rather prestigious school in South America. This school 'considered' themselves to be in an elite group of 20 schools world wide. The G20 group of schools.

    After an initial telephone conversation with the Principal, followed by a longer first interview with the Head Teacher and Head of Department they asked me for a second interview over skype. This first interview was a phone call some what out of the blue and at around 11.30pm. The Skype interview was arranged for 8 pm two days later.

    I personally felt the skype interview was very successful. Probably the most successful interview i had ever had, on a question and answer basis. I answered the Principals questions so well regarding the IB programme, that he had to seek guidance from the IB coordinator to answer my follow up questions (the IB coordinator was sitting in on the interview).

    However i had committed the cardinal sin of not dressing up for the interview. It was 8pm at night on a saturday (sunday - being a work day) and in the Middle East in May you dont usually wear a **** and tie in your own home (well i didn't). They said they would be back in touch with me regarding the job, and they never were. They actually asked me in the interview if i usually wore shorts to school (i laufed the matter off and they appeared to be ok about it but i new they were rather 'bewildered' by my appearance.

    At the end of the day i was glad i did not get the job. I would not have fitted in with their sort - that is the sort that cant bother to even write you an email informing you that they are post-poning apointing for the position and who are so up themselves they look down on those with no etiquette, but have none themselves. Yeah i know - i should have dressed up, but was this mistake enough for them to not even inform me that i did not get the job? (3 weeks later this school re-advertised the job on the TES).

  7. I had a successful (was offered the job) Skype interview last month. I turned the video function off before the interview. Nothing was said about this.

    I did this so it allowed me to have papers to hand in order to answer certain questions. I do not recommend this for everyone but it was the correct method for me after some time between 'real' job interviews.

    I let them call me. My connection dropped just before the scheduled time - don't worry about it!
  8. I have heard that if you do the Skype interview in the nude this can benefit your application [​IMG]
  9. Hi Rainbows,

    I agree I wouldn't want to work for a school if that is their criteria. How rude tio interview and not even to give you formal feedback and a final decision.

    However, I have to agree that I would never wear a '**** and tie', not even in my own home..[​IMG]
  10. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    What a bunch of bankers! Some schools are really up their own butts, and I wonder what the atmosphere is like in them, for both staff and students.

    To expect someone to be dressed up in their own home qualifies as a fetish. Perhaps they expected the Kenny Everett "Angry of Mayfair" get-up.
  11. Haha. It's funny that i miss typed shirt for ****, lol.

    But yeah, it's an artificial interview in many ways (skype). Since as some have commented they are not always video linked, then even if they are you can have some notes off screen, behind the computer to help you. Everyone of course dresses up for a real interview in person, but in your own home, it's a completely different thing really, but i can see why you probably should dress up for the occasion. Since its better to dress up rather than down. (But i dont think you should, since its your home and not a fashion show)

    But then the real advantage to skype rather than telephone interview should be so that the interview is more 'personable' and to check the candidate is not reading from notes etc. Not to assess your attire.

    Maybe i have it all wrong, and there were other reasons i was not offered the job, but the point is they did not even send me an email to get back in touch. I actually phoned the school up a few days later to ask if they had made a decision. The response was we will be in touch.

    It's funny looking back though. All my colleagues found it funny, and i guess not knowing which fork to use at dinner would have got me black listed within my first two weeks. :)

  12. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    I prefer to avoid that style even at work, but some days a lot gets thrown my way...[​IMG]
  13. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    That depends on your age, sex and if my wife is in the same room....[​IMG]
  14. I did but I wasn't in my own home, or at an interview and in my defence, I did have handcuffs on.
    But I digress...What's all this getting upset about the school not getting in touch? It is reprehensible, but the VAST majority of schools play this way.
    Now name the school...go on, that's why we are here...
    I'm afraid I find the whole idea of getting suited for a skype interview quite funny/odd/silly. I would be interested to hear some managers' views on this.
    Only that though...

  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G20_Schools

    The School was based in South America (not Argentina). There you go.

    But yeah i agree...still would not take 1 minute to send a standard email out which informed you, that you had been unsuccessful. Especially when you are likely to phone them back as i did .... ultimately taking up more of their time, than would be the case if they simply emailed you.
  16. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

  17. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    I don't like Skype interviews. I'd only do one if either very desperate (although there's loads of good teachers out there applying for jobs who can attend interviews) or the candidate was so outstanding I would be doing a disserivce to the school letting them slip the net.
    So let's pretend I have to offer an interview through Skype. If the candidate didn't look smart I'd be polite for a few minutes and finish the interview fairly quickly. The candidate may be sat at home but they are interviewing for a school and if a guy can't put on a shirt and tie (trousers optional unless he has to stand up) or the lady something interview appropriate then it suggests their attitude is wrong for the type of schools I work in.
    As to schools not getting in touch, sometimes people have to be patient. I'll always get round to sending the 'sorry but' emails, although I tend to wait until after the ones offered the post have signed <strike>their</strike> <strike>life</strike> <strike>away</strike> the contract.
    I keep reading on this forum about candidates being offered the post at interview, that's only happened to me once and, thankfully after hearing later more about the school, I didn't take them up on the offer. If you're the only candidate you're either very special or more than likely the only one who applied. Similarly, being headhunted is no big thing; the two times it happened to me the schools turned out to be less than good. Recruiting agents doing the headhunting do it because no one (decent) is applying for the jobs and they need to make their money somehow.
    Initial applicants have to presume they don't get an interview once the deadline for submissions comes and goes; although wehn I remember to do it (I did forget once), I include the line, "successful candidates will be informed by..." on the ad.
  18. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    I currently do some substitution at a school where the students AND the teachers wear what they like, which of course means jeans and sweatshirt for many.

    So probably not the type of school you work in. But this is a damn good school, which I'm certain many in Berlin would regard as the best international school here.
  19. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    I was due to have an interview with one of those schools last week. It is a new branch they are opening in China. Thankfully got offered a different job before the interview because as far as the admin seems...I guess incompetent is all I can say. Told my referees I was applying for headship-3rd year of teaching! Also kept getting dates wrong, every email seemed to have errors. Good luck to them though.

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