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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by dash201, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. dash201

    dash201 New commenter

    Hi, is it a Word Document? If so, is it Office 2007 or later? If so, Word saves it as .docx. If this is the case then open your CV again and press F12 to save it again. Then when it says 'file format' choose Word 1997 -2004 (.doc)

    Let me know if this helps!
  2. Hi, Thanks for that. Followed your instructions but only option was Word 1997-2003 which I re-saved as. It is a Word document and I have Office 2007. So I presume when I attach now they will receive it all ok. I just dont want to send skydrive just as a normal attachment.
  3. dash201

    dash201 New commenter

    It should all work fine now then I couldn't remember if it was 2004 or 2003! But close enough.

    Is Skydrive a hotmail thing? If so, why do you need to? Most schools should be able to open your docx documents but they will ask you to send again if need be. Or just send a courtesy email.

    If it is Hotmail, do you choose office docs or attachments? If you choose Office docs then just choose attachment instead.
  4. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    Do not send a skydrive link. You must send the document itself.
    I had a few candidates send skydrive links , which were impossible to open when offline!
  5. When you send an attachment with Hotmail, it seems to go to Skydrive as the default setting. However, if you look at the tab to the right of the Skydrive, you can select 'send as attachment'. Then, the document will be uploaded normally.
  6. Tried sending to my other emails and Im afraid hitting problems. Think I will copy and paste and email all those schools today. No wonder no replies let alone interviews. Fingers crossed now.
  7. missmunchie

    missmunchie Occasional commenter

    I thought the whole point of sending CVs via skydrive was that the person who gets the files can view them even if they didn't have the same version of Word or whatever.
    Surely, if you are opening an email attachment, you must already be online.

  8. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    This is the misunderstanding that is causing some candidates to use Skydrive. IMAP or POP email will download a local copy of a properly attached file. When the user then goes offline, the file(s) are on the local computer. With a skydrive file there is only a link. Therefore, when the user goes offline they only have the link.
    The user (Headteacher) would have to go and follow the link to retrieve the files first before having a local version; candidates forcing HR or Heads to do additional work are geting instant black marks for themselves.
    Even after following the link and downloading the file, it is not as easily searchable as an email; especially as applicants tend to not include their name in the file name. At least with email most users have the sense to show their name on their email (e.g. John SmithJohn_Smith@hotmail.com) so when the Head is reviewing the application all documents are with the email; not so with the skydrive link.
  9. Ill copy and paste as well just to be sure. Much prefer a handwrittend application form and stick in the post. At least you know it will get there and much more personalised. ha! Those were the days.My CV and supporting letter embossed, of fine woven croxley script quality paper, address thermographed and occasionally foil blocked too caressing a perfectly envelope. Best of all twas all handwritten in blue fountain ink. Thats personalised learning by creative and independant leaarners for you..

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