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sky+ tv guide

Discussion in 'Personal' started by sel_chick, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. my sky+ tv guide is telling me there's no listings available for every channel...I can see what's on if I flick channel by channel, but the tv guide just isn't working - anyone else having a problem tonight?
  2. switch it on and off? works with the virgin box
  3. thanks sideshow, I'll give that a go. It's not really bothering me, I've just never seen it do that before...very odd!
  4. we used to get it quite a bit with the old virgin box, but we then got a new one...
  5. If switching on and off doesn't work, unplug the box, wait 5 minutes and then plug it back in again.
  6. I always unplug ... Switching off never seems to work
  7. switching off seems to have worked this time, but unplugging is the usual method RF!
    wonder what went wrong with it tonight? freezing/refusing to change channel/not turning off/switching itself off are all normal problems, but no tv guide...that's a new one!
  8. We have had the problem twice today

  9. I hate Sky! So many of the programmes I put on to record failed - including one with my niece in (some how I think my brother blames me), it's always freezing up, recorded programmes have drop outs making it impossible to watch. I hate Sky but there is no alternative here. If there was I'd have it. And the regular - 'no scheduled information' stuff. Gargh!
  10. Just a suggestion but ... We were having some major signal loss problems ... As you describe with the dropping in and out ... Turned out it was foliage growth ... A tree in the garden .. Trimmed tree and problem solved
  11. Have you checked your receiver as well. If that has anything blocking it/on it then your dish won't work properly.
    We've only ever had one big problem with Sky....and that was only because the snow piled up on the dish. Brushed it off and it was absolutely fine.

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