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Skulduggery Pleasant

Discussion in 'English' started by lilpinkmiss, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Just been into school today and have been told that instead of teaching Blitzed (which I had planned during the summer), I have now got to teach Skulduggery Pleasant. Help please! I have searched the web and cannot find a SoW or any lesson ideas. Has anyone got a SoW?

    Please??? My email address is lilpinkmiss@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much

  2. *just bumping this up as I REALLY need your help* x
  3. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    I've not even heard of it!! Who's it by?
  4. gingerella

    gingerella New commenter

    At this very moment writing a SOW for it; post your e-mail and I will send it to you when I have finished, hopefully Friday. It is fab and our top set Yr 8's read it whilst shadowing a book award last year, they loved it. I am really excited about teaching it next year. If you dont know the books think Raymond Chandler meets gothic horror!
  5. gingerella

    gingerella New commenter

    Oops sorry see your e-mail now, will send it asap
  6. Hi, I have bee searching for a SOW for this novel. Any chance you still have it/ Could you please send me a copy?


    Many Thanks.

  7. Hello! I have just searched for this skulduggery pleasant (that I had also never heard of!) and stumbled across this thread. Pretty please could one of you possibly send me any ideas, plans etc that you don't mind sharing as I have nothing! kt6382@hotmail.com
    THANKS!! :)
  8. Hiya, I know your post was years ago now! BUT just emailing on the of chance that you might still be around?! I'm stuck writing a SOW for Skulduggery Pleasant as I am primary trained trying to teach secondary kids... withprimary my school always followed the units of the literacy strategy but I cannot find anything similar for KS3. I just don't know what to cover?! Reading the book madly now as I have never heard of it before!! Thanks in advance!
  9. Likewise, as with kt6382, if you have a SOW for Skulduggert Pleasant I'd be really grateful to have a copy sent across. thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, did you get a reply from this? How far have you got with your planning for Skulduggery? I have read the book but still can't find anyone else who has taught it or any ideas for plans online :( Term starts on Friday, where does the hols go!!!?
  11. Hi there,

    did you get a SoW for Skulduggery? I would be grateful if you could forward it to me if you did.

  12. No :( I haven't received a reply at all :( Which year groups are you teaching it to? I've not taught KS3 before so really don't know where I'm heading with it!! Have you got any ideas yet?? If you send me some of your ideas I could send you my plan for the first week... I just don't know what KS3 should be covering / achieving with a story text???? kt6382@hotmail.com
  13. I can think of a couple of parents (and fellow members of my department for that matter) in the past who would blow a fuse at necromancy elements in this novel but if you are confident you are not going to tread on any theological toes covering these, then there are loads of obvious written and oral tasks that scream out from this text. Have you checked out Derek Landy's tongue-firmly-in-cheek website? Lovely. I just worry about the length of the novel. Kids I've read it with adore it but time is tight these days.
  14. Sorry to be dim but any particular tasks that scream out that would be good for EBD KS3 boys? We are starting off slowly with the book, but they are also my form group so will be able to read it at other times as well. Any hints as to what takswould interest and push my class would be great, THANKS!!
  15. Okay. Early on: Creative: Page 12 The door disguised as a bookcase. Imagine you have just moved into a new house or flat?or like Stephanie, you have inherited someone else?s home. On looking around you discover a hidden door. What or who is behind it?

    Discursive/Oracy: Page 20 Respect. How do teachers earn the respect of their students? What type of lessons and teachers inspire you to work hard? What type of lessons turn you off and why? In the interests of professionalism, no names please!

    Dramatic: Page 27 The last will and testament. Improvise a will reading scene where you are left something unexpected. What happens next? Who is left out of the legacy? Who is the deceased? How are you informed of the legacy? How does the legacy change your life?

    Will these do for starters?
  16. Oh, didn't even know you'd replied?! I'm rubbish at TES and can't get it to notify me?? Also I can't access it at school??
    I've got upto Chpater 4 now, just about to start... We have done character descriptions / guess the character acting and Q+A fact finding in the text. Need some more meaty writing type stuff to get our teeth stuck into... I really am quite stumped as to where to head with KS3?? They enjoyed writing character description paragraphs and I would like to get them doing more writing. Only going to be working on it until about half term though....
    (Not sure what necromancy etc means, but my boys are a bit obsessed that it is emo!?)
  17. As to where to head with KS3, could you not jump on their fascination with necromancy and shift your attention to The Scottish Play after half term? Remember that next year in KS4 they will have to focus their energies on the Bard theme-wise and in-depth character study. Get in touch with me directly using inbuilt email system on TES site and I can send you some stuff.
  18. Really? thanks, I'll try and email you now...

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