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Skin reaction to fromage frais

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ellesabe, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. I gave my lo some strawberry fromage frais for breakfast this morning and she loved it! For the first time since we started weaning she was opening her mouth wide and lunging at the spoon

    However, when I wiped her face at the end, I noticed that her skin had gone all red and blotchy where the yoghurt had been on her face. Is this an allergic reaction? If so, what am I supposed to do about it? It didn't seem to bother her at all and I feel it would be a shame to not give her fromage frais again as she liked it so much!

    I was thinking of maybe trying a different flavour tomorrow and seeing if the same thing happened. Has anyone else experienced similar?
  2. gosh that's quite a reaction. has the skin calmed down at all?
    i'd watch for signs that she's ill if she has any of them i'd get to her to a doctor straight away and never have fromage frais again. watch for stomach cramps and constipation/diarrhoea to see if she has a digestive reaction to it as well as a skin one.
    if it's just red skin for a while (that doesn't blister or persist) and no other reaction i guess i'd continue with it as LO enjoys it and it doesn't cause any pain.
  3. Hi, I've stopped giving LO yoghurt and cheese as it seemed to make her eczema worse - and now it does seem a bit better. I've not even bothered with strawberries though as they are supposed to be quite a likely allergy food (if that makes sense), so it could be the strawberry rather than the yoghurt? One way to find out..but poor LO - hope they're better soon x
  4. I was going to say what moonbeam has said- strawberries are known allergens (apparently!) so perhaps try a different flavour. Or, have you tried plain yoghurt instead?
  5. We had a similar reaction when LO smeared cream cheese all over her face rather than putting it in her mouth!
    I took it to mean that it was a reaction of the food being smeared all over the skin, rather than an allergic reaction to the food itself, if that makes sense?! I have continued to give her cream cheese but no longer let her sit with it all over her face for half an hour, which, lets face it, would prob make mus come out in a rash too!
  6. Thanks for the advice. The rash only lasted 15 minutes after I had cleaned her face and she didn't seem bothered by it in the slightest. I think I will try apricot flavour tomorrow and see what happens. Good idea about taking a photo of it by the way.
  7. We had exactly the same thing with petit filou strawberry. But she doesn't get it when she has strawberries... She has had this reaction a couple of times and I can't figure out what is causing it. It always something different, we have been to the GP and given piriton syrup and advice about what to look out for in a more serious reaction. No advice, really but it is an allergy. I haven't tried yoghurt for a while, i think babies can grow out of allergies quite quickly?
  8. My Lo has an appointment this month with an allergy clinic as she gets red skin round her mouth sometimes and random spotty rashes which we are sure (and the GP is sure) are allergic reactions. She sometimes gets the red skin when she has eaten tomatoes but not every time so we haven't stopped giving her them- maybe we should though. If I were you perhaps give her the apricot one tomorrow and then after a few days give her the strawberry again and see if she has the same reaction? I'm no expert though and I would hope that the next reaction isn't more severe- could be possible I suppose. From referral by GP to appointment at the allergy clinic took a couple of months (which is less than I was expecting to be honest!) so if she still keeps getting rashes, maybe go to your GP for a referral.
  9. Clematis - how old is your LO?
    My LO definitely has a reaction to tomatoes, and I have stopped giving her them, because once she had the rash and rubbed her eye and whatever she was allergic to caused her eye to swell up, which was scary. So whenever I notice something that flares her up I don't give it anymore. So far on our list are plums, tomatoes, yoghurt, peaches, possibly cow's milk, and something in baby porridge.
    So I would love to get a refferal to an allergy clinic, but think LO might be too young (she's 7 months)? Maybe I should go to the GP and find out.
  10. Oh saripop if you're sure she's having allergic reactions to all those foods I would definitely go to the GP and ask for a referral- I pretty much did, didn't wait for them to suggest it.
    My LO is now 16 months old but the rashes started appearing when she was about 12/13 months.
    I taught a boy ages ago who went for allergy testing and it turned out that he had such a severe allergy to something or other that they gave him an epi-pen- hadn't been in contact with the allergen before, obviously, but the skin test showed the reaction- scary! We were all quite sceptical/dubious but it is possible that the child who is prone to allergies has certain ones that are severe and I guess he was just lucky not to have been in contact with the allergen before?!
  11. We just tried the apricot flavour and she had the same reaction. Perhaps we'll go and see our gp when we get back from holiday next week. I really hope it's not a dairy allergy.
  12. That's a shame Elles. Something has made Ella's eczema worse lately so I've cut out cheese and yoghurt, as well as mango. Such a shame 'cos she loves all three! Hopefully it's something LOs will grow out of. Someone suggested sheep yoghurt to me today? Sounds gross!
  13. We had another reaction today :( cooked her some pasta and stirred soft cheese through it and she came out in a rash immediately it touched her skin. I wiped it off straighaway so it didn't get too bad. Looks like it's a dairy allergy...So, have made a doctor's appointment for Wednesday to hopefully get a referral.
  14. We had a reaction to HIPP creamy porridge too so I called the health visitor for some advice and he said that it just sounds like an intolerance as the reaction just seems to be on the skin. He said that an allergy would cause swelling and breathing difficulties and that I should continue to try the dairy products whilst keeping a close eye on her. The rash doesn't ever seem to bother her and apparently she will grow out of it as she becomes accustomed to having it in her diet.
  15. Does she have excema on her face? My daughter has had a couple of funny face rashes recently and I am hoping thst if I can heal it then it will stop. Its weird because she's 2 and I've never had food related issues with her before.
  16. No it's not excema. It looks like a heat rash when dairy products come into contact with her skin. A friend of mine uses a cream called Skin Salvation on her little boy's excema and swears by it. Not sure where she gets it from but might be worth a try.
  17. Ah, the inconsistency of the NHS! I went to my GP about exactly this (see previous posts) and he told me not to give her anymore of the foods that trigger the rash as the reaction could get worse and he has referred her to the allergy clinic!!
  18. Have you noticed the rash getting worse at all. With Jemima it has improved each time so I'm happy to keep going with it but I think I would be slightly more anxious had I not been seeing an improvement. In fact I gave her a courgette bake yesterday which contained cows milk and cheddar with no reaction whatsoever.

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