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Skills used in RS

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Gemden, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. i have emailed this out now
  2. lodhi

    lodhi New commenter

    Thank you very much. I have received a copy. I will try to add a sheet

  3. Hi , I know your posting was a long time ago but wondered if you still have the skills broken down into year groups???
    Many thanks Jude
  4. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    I think that the '- empathy, being
    open-minded, reflection' qualities are absolutely fundamental but
    also an awareness of the beauty and mystery of life, the universal
    experiences of awe and wonder, the Eternal Questions and the fact
    that there are no 'correct' provable answers to them, but as Socrates
    said, 'The unexamined life Is not worth living. We do have to engage
    with these questions and spirituality (which is the life-blood of
    religion) is all about our quest for ultimate meaning.

    Have you seen my overview of resources
    which I created in response to a similar request for help with
    introducing RE with year 7? -


    Here are the links which I think may be
    most useful.
    Some of these were created for KS4 but
    I think they all have something to offer which could be adapted to


    I was working on this
    series of Slide-Shows last summer, trying to create a good resource
    which would help busy teachers, especially those who are new to RE
    teaching or who may be non-specialists.

    Still far from satisfied
    but this is probably my favourite intro to religion Slide-show
    resource yet.

    This one was the best I
    could do last summer – wishing to support non-specialists and offer
    a way into teaching RE. Now I’m not too keen on it but when will I
    get time to improve on it I don’t know.

    These slide shows explore
    religion and include some of the ideas found in the above one.
    I am still working on this
    series – when I get time – as I think it is impossible to cover
    all the aspects I wish to include in one slide show.

    On Life

    the Reflections on Life
    series are my most popular resources – and I start with Part 2 –
    because it is my own favourite. But the Part 1 should technically
    come first.

    I think this is the first
    in the series, lots of teachers use it to de-stress.

    This is the next in
    evolution of Part 1

    This one covers several of
    the issues which threaten the peace and security of humankind –
    year 9 upwards!

    this one has a commentary.

    reflecting on my RE
    philosophy / approach


    way to engage hostile students with the God Question

    My long poem which did
    succeed in engaging a difficult atheist-dominated GCSE year with the
    God question.


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