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skills tests

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by austinali66, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Anyone else worried about the numeracy skills test? I have passed literacy and ICT but really worried about the maths. Everyone says to just work through the online tests but I am really struggling. Anyone got any advice/books/websites etc for a real maths phobic?
  2. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

    Google KS1 maths
  3. saira123

    saira123 New commenter

    I know exactly how your feeling because I went through it too (Im not kidding ive always been rubbish at maths).
    Practise alot! Use the tda resources to brush up on your weaknesses. The Mark patmore books are good.
    I passed the first time but only because I practised alot and ahead of time. Remember, not everything on the tda website will be in the actual test. The actual test was (in my opinion) alot easier than the practise tests.
    Good luck
  4. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    I found it helpful in the maths to listen to the question once, write the numbers down and then take my headphones off to work out the answer. Felt like I had longer to answer the question, and I foudn it easier to concentrate on the calculation without getting distracted by words. Although doing this did make the lady who worked there come up and ask me if everything was OK with my headphones whilst I was trying to work out an answer!
    I would also agree that the actual test I had was much easier than the practice ones.
  5. I have found this book very useful : 'The QTS numeracy skills test' by Chris Tyreman. It has a lot of example questions for the mental arithmetic and te other section, and it also tells you how to work things out easily. I was worried about it too but I passed first time round.

    Also do all the practise questions online, they really help. :)
  6. For those who prefer to "see and hear" to revise for the numeracy test, whether it's for the mental part or on-screen questions, I've created some materials at
    Lots of good positive feedback
  7. Hi,
    I was also very worried about the numeracy test so I decided to book a test at the same time as I was doing my literacy as a practice to try it out. I had practised online many times before and had <u>never</u> passed a practice test. I tried out the real test in the test centre and passed it first time just before Xmas. I had worried about it for months.
    I would advise you to revise your times tables if that is a weakness for you (I bought a times tables chart for my wall after reading that as a tip on here from someone else) and every day ran through the ones I was less confident about.
    Also you could ask someone you know to make up some maths problems for you to try and work out (like people buying apples with a certain amount of money etc) and remember when you take the test to click on the clock so you know how much time you have as I found that calmed me down and stopped me rushing to put in an answer.
    Good luck.

  8. Hey!

    Im struggling to revise for the Numeracy one too! I have mine in 2 weeks. Finding the online tests difficult :S Not worried about Literacy. I brought a book, its good but finding it a bit confusing!
  9. Did you pass in the end? Mine is tomorrow. Course starts Friday. All hanging in the balance and I sm not good st maths. Not even been getting near 50% on the two practice tests I did before I got a headache and gave up :(

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