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Skills ladders....again!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by llov1_04, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Hi there, just wondered if anyone would be kind enough to send me a copy of the skills ladders for each subject, so I can finally get to grips with planning my creative topics. I have seen Chris Quigley, but wondered what other skills ladders are available.

    If anyone could email them I would be EXTREMELY grateful!

    Many thanks

  2. I've e-mailed them to you. I hope they are what you are looking for. You might need to check your spam box as my e-mail address is sometimes spammed.
    Tes - skills ladders is in the subject box
  3. I've not heard of these! Could I be really cheeky and ask for a copy?? We have been asked to try and be more skills based in our planning and this sounds as if if could be helpful.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Drop me your e-mail address and I'll gladly forward them
  5. We're going down this route aswell particularly as we think the big O are coming in next year. Any chance of a copy? Be ever so grateful.

  6. Any chance I can have a copy too?
  7. would I be able to be cheeky also? Really appreciate it!


  8. mooncheek

    mooncheek New commenter

    I wonder if it would be possible for you to save them in TES resources please?
  9. Hi everyone. I have copied your e-mails and will e-mail them to you shortly with Tes - Skills ladders in the subject line. As I've said my e-mail somethimes gets filtered to spam boxes so it might be worth looking there.
    Thanks for the idea of posting to the resources section. I will do my best.
  10. No probs, sending it now :)
  11. Just realised I've forwarded to people but not written anything in the message box. Appologies for the rudeness.
    I hope you find them useful.

  12. Sending them shortly :)

  13. I was about to reply saying thank you but have somehow deleted the thing completely, any chance would be able to resend it?


    thank you for a seoncd time :0)

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