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Skills based curriculum

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tigger_teacher, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Ditto please - anyone who has planning for Y2 skills in particular it would be great. We have done ICT and literacy and are slowly moving towards the rest.

  2. Jackie12

    Jackie12 New commenter

    hi could I also have a copy its seems as if we are heading that way again....... Thanks Jackie Jjj3996@aol.com
  3. Can i as well please
    my email is
    thanks x
  4. IFF

    IFF New commenter

    Please please please can someone forward me a copy to (yr 3)


  5. Hi Nelsveg and Molly
    I'm sure you can guess what i'm going to ask but would you mind forwarding me a little look - we're on our 2nd year and some things work, some just dont. Would be great to see how you do it!
    Thanks, Niki

  6. Hi have just read these posts and wished i'd looked 2 months ago! We have just started this and i feel quite lost somewhere between old planning but not quite into the new planning. We are doing Is It Rght To Fight? as a theme but the planning (as a team) doesn't feel quite right can anyone help pls?
  7. Hi rarely come on here so don't see the requests much, so apologies if you have requested them and I haven't got back to you. If anyone would like some of the plans that I have done please drop me an email and I would be happy to send them on. I also have an example of the skills bank that we use

  8. Hi Molly,

    I would also love to see your MTP for a skills based approach.
    I looked for the book by Quigley that is recommended but the only one listed appears not to have come out yet, so I'm confused!!
    Many thanks :)

  9. Am just beginning to research this for KS1 to start with. Would be grateful for a copy of the planning too. Many thanks - debinoronha@yahoo.co.uk
  10. Hi all, my school teach skills based learning, we plan out the skills over a half term for foundation skills, it is very useful to see what children have actually learnt over a half term!
  11. Could I jump on the bandwagon and ask for a copy of any planning too?

    I am desperately trying to move away from QCA, but I'm also very aware that I'm not planning for skills correctly.

    Thanks in advance :O)
  12. Is it too late to jump on board with an example of the planning? I've been putting off planning next term's work for too long now!
  13. *whoops, forgot to add- r.bird.mail at gmail dot com
  14. Hi there we too are using Chris Quiggley skills -started sept 09 ofsted came 3 weeks later! But all seemed ok and most of staff doing great BUT some are really struggling with the freedom and hankering after what they know and feels safe! how are you monitoring coverage etc?
  15. Another bandwagon hopper-onner!! If it isn't too much trouble could I also ask for a copy of the planning, to get my head into next term's work...I need to be at least 1 collosal jump ahead of the game at the minute: rachel_smith1983@yahoo.co.uk

    Also, does anyone have a link for the Quigley book on Amazon, as my browser keeps playing up.

    Many thanks
  16. holbrookaj

    holbrookaj New commenter

    and another, I would really appreciate a copy if anyone could be so kind to send me one.
    Many Thanks
  17. GARDEN24

    GARDEN24 New commenter

    Hi , I am an NQT who is really interested in the skills based topic area. My school is gradually moving towards this - if you can spare the time I would appreciate a glimpse of how your planning meets the thematic approach especially as you say they are straightforward and simple which is what I need right now! Thanks, Rosie
  18. Please could I have a copy of the plans. We're moving to a skills based curriculum and I'd like to see how it works. Many thanks.

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