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Skills based curriculum

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tigger_teacher, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Please can we have a look at the plans that you did for skills based curriculum. We are in a big muddle. Our headteacher wants to start skills based curriculum in KS1 next year and we have to make plans for the whole year now! We don't know where to start! Please help!
  2. you all have mail
  3. Jackie12

    Jackie12 New commenter

    Hi Im sorry to bother you again but my email did not have an attachment so Im not sure what i needded to do to access the skills based curriculum planning. its probabaly me, my brain is completely fried, last day though thanks jackie
  4. Jackie12

    Jackie12 New commenter

  5. Hi! Could I have a copy too?

    Many thanks
  6. Would you mind sending me a copy. Would find it really useful.
    Still trying to get my head around it!!

    Thanks Alot!!
  7. Would I be able to see some planning too. In a new school and new class for September
    Year 4 /5 and need all the help I can get.

    Thank you in advance
  8. Would help if I include an email

    thank you
  9. I am working in mixed reception Y1/2 class and am trying to implement skills based curriculum. I have only seen Chris Q and would be very interested to see the progressions you have created if you wouldn't mind sharing. I just want to find the best place to start.

    Many thanks Amy
  10. amystancer@gmail.com
  11. mabelmog@yahoo.co.uk
  12. IFF

    IFF New commenter

    I have been a supply teacher for a while now and feel very out of touch wuth planning for my new class in Sept! Don't know where to begin! A few examples to look at would be areally big help



  13. Would I be able to get a copy too, please. Thanks in advance.


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