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Skills based curriculum

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tigger_teacher, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hi
    I'm Science co-ordinator in a school that is doing the skills based curriculum using Chris Quiggly. I am just trying to work out how to check progression through the school- as you say it is AT1 based. Any suggestions?
  2. We are just in the process of re-writing ours too. I know you must be really fed with this by now but I would be really grateful for a copy of a sample.
    thanks so much
  3. Midgelou49

    Midgelou49 New commenter

    I would be grateful for any planning, timetables or information on a skills based curriculum.
    Thank you in advance:)
    Laura x
  4. Jackie12

    Jackie12 New commenter

  5. Would love some examples from book. Did you pay £95 for the book or is there a different version. I am interested in using the skill based curriculum with pupils with learning difficulties.

  6. angrypuppy

    angrypuppy New commenter

    hi, do you mind if I ask for a copy to please?
  7. Hi, I'm new to all this forum stuff! We are looking for some planning examples for a skills based curriculum. Please could you send me any you think would be useful for a school starting out on a skills based curriculum. Many thanks. Fiona
  8. Hi
    W are revising our planning along skills based and topics lines as much as possible too. Could I have a copy of your planning too?
  9. Hi
    New to this and have just forgotten to leave my email address - sorry!
  10. Hi
    been reading all the e-mails on the skill based curriculum. Our school is just in the throes of discussion regarding this. I am a year one teacher and I would be very grateful to see any planning samples, long term plan, advice etc. Could you help?
    Many thanks

  11. Sorry new to this and forgot to leave my email address:



  12. Please could I have a copy of these too. Just like everyone else I really appreciate the generosity of those sharing !
    Is the Chris Quigley book that everyoen is referring to the Planning a Skills Based Curriculum ? Amazon have it for £95 - does anyone have a cheaper source ?

    I was at a conference today where the speaker, Marcus Orlovsky was inspirational about skills based curric.
  13. Wow! Came on to see what was going on and found a thread about the very thing I had been talking about today. Only managed to read up to page 20.
    Molly Malone, if you haven't got sick of e mailling by now I would much appreciate information on the Connected Curriculum Framework. I am encouraging my school to go down the skills based route and the more information the better!

  14. please can i jump on the band wagon to we are just about to strt rolling this out into our school and would be intereasted to see a copy of another schools planning. Thank you in advance

  15. Would love a copy of the planning please.

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