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Skills based curriculum

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tigger_teacher, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Has anyone planned their curricululm starting from skills and then miving to subjects to cover these skills? Or does anyone base their reports on skills only????
  2. Has anyone planned their curricululm starting from skills and then miving to subjects to cover these skills? Or does anyone base their reports on skills only????
  3. Yes and Yes!!!

    What would you like to know? I will try and help! We are in third term of a skills based curriculum - and just about to start monitoring it in school!

  4. Hello Nelsveg

    I'm here to ask for help as well if you don't mind. We are looking at a skills based curriculum and are looking at drawing up a skeleton of the QCA objectives. Is this what you did? How did you start to go about it?
  5. me too please, i'm trying to move away from a QCA schemes based curriculum to a topic themed one but with a skills base. any help gratefully received!
  6. We did something much simpler!

    The QCA objectives are taken from the NC, but linked to specific topics i.e. Victorians. Writing out all the objectives/skills would take forever!

    We bought a book by Chris Quigley and in there are all the National curriculum skills for the subjects and each have been levelled so they clearly show progression.

    As long as you teach the skills, you can teach them anyway you like.

    We don't use QCA at all, although one teacher still likes to dip into it - which is fine.

    My topic for this term is the local airport and I fancy doing Worzel Gummidge next term - so I'm going to!!

    We monitor carefully (as everyone has so much freedom to choose topics) and each teacher highlights and annotates the skills planned for/taught!! This is then passed to the next teacher.

    Our planning sheets are also very simple.

    We had OFSTED in the first term of starting this (only Feb just gone) and they said it was the way to go. We also have a whole school themed week every half term.

    This is a brief description. Science - we still have to use other objectives for knowledge as well, as the skills only cover scientific enquiry.

    Hope this makes sense and if I can answer any other questions I'll try!

  7. thanks , have just ordered the book!
  8. What is the book called?
    Has anyone used this book? I've just seen it on Amazon and it looks interesting

    Key Skills for an Excellent and Enjoyable Curriculum Book by Clive Davies
  9. oops my mistake I have just seen that this is probably the book you meant. I blame the fact that it is Saturday night
  10. nelsveg@hotmail.com
    Have just ordered the book too! Our school is thinking of adopting this approach very soon, infact we have a planning meeting to discuss the logistics of it on Tues. Would it be possible for you to email me a few examples of med / short term planning to show? Please? Would be most grateful!

  11. You have mail!!!
  12. Can anyone tell me if the Chris Quigley book is 'generic' enough to cover different curriculums? Teaching in Scotland and we are moving towards a curriculum for excellence away from our 5-14. Is the book specifically written for the English curriculum or could it be transferable?
  13. How do you assess your pupils in the foundation subjects?
    Does the Chris Quigley level all the skills for each individual subject or just level the key skills taken from the National Curriculum?
    We are trying to achieve specific, high quality skills teaching in the Foundation subjects i.e. specific progressive art skills, but are finding that it is impossible to assess these against the ridiculously broad national curriculum level descriptors.
    Any help appreciated (norm_al@hotmail.co.uk)
  14. We've been using the Chris Quigley book too, and it's really useful. Sorry can't say if it applies in Scotland though. It does say clearly that we are legally required to cover the breadth of study in the NC. The book covers this well and shows how much flexibility there is.

    You could all draft out cross-curricular plans. Then ask co-ordinators to get an overview of the subject and check for breadth requirements.

    Science is tricky because of the knowledge needed for the tests. RE can be too, as we have to follow locally-agreed syllabuses.
  15. nelsveg
    i would love to see a copy of your planning please. we have the book and this is something we will be tackling with our staff this year
  16. Hate jumping on email requests but could I have a copy too?


    Im lost with our skills based curriclum (new to school and cant work out the old planning)

    Is there a list of skills that children should be learning in each year/keystage?
  17. HHHHELP- the school I have moved to this term is trying to do this but I have been given very little guidance at all and for the first half term I have stuck to my own way of planning. Next half term I have to shift though to the skills based...Can anyone show me examples of what this looks like for you as I think the teachers at this school are going a funny way round it as they don't seem to touch half of what I am used to teaching?
    For maths u still have the num strat units ....?
    for lit you have the lit unit framework...so what happens for science and how do you ensure that the cooverage is complete in preperation for SATs?
    PLEASE can anybody explain as my school are 'pants' at explaining... pleeeeeas.
  18. Can I ask re the Chris Quigley book - what is the book called? Would it be possible to have a look at some short term planning as we are using a topic based curriculum. MTPs are ok but it is putting it into a weekly/daily format that is proving so time consuming. My email is littlemissmad37@hotmail.co.uk
  19. can I jump on the bandwagon too please. Would love to see some planning to work out if it fits with scottish curriculum before i fork out £25 on book.

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