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Skill based planning for 'Earth and Beyond'

Discussion in 'Primary' started by saraaish, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Hi have got to write a skill based medium term plan for our new y3/4 topic 'Earth and beyond' to include geog, art, dt, hist and literacy links!!
    Thought we should begin with the Earth before moving on to space!
    Has anyone got any brilliant and exciting tested ideas?????
  2. char2505

    char2505 New commenter

    Your post reminded me of when I did persuasive writing in y5, a few years back. My awesome sister wrote me an intro story for the kids to lead on to them creating a brochure for planet Earth for an alien. I looked through my old e-mails to dig out the story for you if it's of any use...

    Ziggy got out of bed and stretched his tentacles. His bed was a glass case standing up by the wall and it wasn’t very comfy. It gave him a terrible cramp in his tentacles sometimes.

  3. Thank you I'll check it out x

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