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Skiing Europe Feb Half Term= nightmare

Discussion in 'School trips' started by hls1, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I decided this Feb half term to do a bit of 'repping' for a company called SKIING EUROPE based in the South which is owned by a particular man called Chris Reyanrd (you might want to google him!)
    I was told I would be looking after a large school party and travelling with them to the resort by coach and paid £175 for my duties and get some skiing thrown in! (Happy days!) However the story was yet to unfold.....
    This forum post is a plea to anyone who had a similar experience or to warn people to NEVER book with them.
    I arrived at Dover to be picked up by the coaches by some very stern looking drivers. 'oh your Skiing Europe are we? Well were not answering anything to you this week! The school have paid for us!' I thought hmm that's strange. Anyway I got talking to the party leader who then told me that he had paid Skiing Europe the full balance of the trip in September and that he had a phone call from the coach company to say they had still not been paid (Alarm bell number 1). So the school decided that they would pay the coach company to secure the coaches, after all if they didn't have coaches they were never going to get there!
    We arrived in resort and everything was fine until Wednesday when I had a very frustrated Hotel owner explaining to me that the hotel bill had not been fully paid by Skiing Europe (66% to be precise) and that if she didn't get the rest of the payment then we would have to leave the hotel. (Alarm bell number 2) As you can imagine this caused a panic and a massive headache for me and the school staff, there was over 9,000 euro's outstanding on the bill! We made many phone calls to the UK office, explaining our situation but no one seemed to care or call us back for that matter. In the end the school had to pay the rest of the accommodation fee baring in mind the kids had already paid already! Luckily for me the school kindly paid for all of us reps and the instructors however I found that it wasn't only on in this situation. A friend of mine who also repping for the week came home early along with his school party as the bill had not been fully paid, can you imagine telling the kids they are coming home early because someone hasn't paid the bills even though their parents have already paid £900 for them to go on the trip!
    Whilst out there I heard many other experiences from schools, reps, coach drivers and instructors including another friend of mine who was repping being arrested for a 1800 euro outstanding bill for ski hire! Lift passes were also being blocked due to 20,000 euro bills not being paid at the lift pass office, the list goes on....
    My advice to anyone who has booked a trip with this company for the Easter holidays you need to check all of the following and confirm BEFORE YOU TRAVEL to see if they have been fully paid:-
    - Coach company
    - Ferry/tunnell
    - Hotel (rooms and food)
    - Lift passes
    - Ski hire
    - Insurance

    ....and for those of you who haven't booked and were thinking about it, my advice is steer clear!

  2. Hi hls1. I am compiling a list of all the happenings this February with the SE groups to try to motivate some national newspaper to write a full story and try to stop such dreadful things happening in April when more groups are bound to get stranded in the Alps. I understand fully you might yet want to retain anonimity in the hope SE might pay your wages and expenses (fat chance), but it would be very helpful if you wrote to us to a totally anonymous email with further details as well as your name and telephone plus the name of the rep that got arrested in Austria and anybody elses who might be a witness to Se wrong doings. I think I know who the rep who was arrested in Austria is, but confirmation will be useful. Journalists are not in the habit of disclosing their sources, but they need to verify the facts before printing an article that could, and hopefully will, sink SE.
  3. Hi,
    I understand the need for media attention regarding this especially with the potential of this happening to other groups in April (A teacher on the trip had already paid SE around £40,000 for his trip in April) but I have some slight good authority of being paid. Although my time was hourendous and many people I know have worked for the company for many years we've all said that its not the job or the company its the people who you meet who are wonderful and work thier socks off and I am unwilling to help distroy that for some!? I m met some really great people and am slightl worried about dragging them into the press....
    Are you a journalist?
  4. Hi, only just got back to this blog and found your answer. Pity you did not answer to my hotmail account as I would have been more prompt. No, I am not a journalist, I am somebody who, like you, has been working for SE for a number of years, met wonderful people and great schools. I am not afraid of dragging them into this mess as they are not the guilty party, they are the people who made SE possible and solved all the problems that headoffice (dare I say call it that..) caused consistently and incessantly. They are the people who ensured the schools came back year after year. The only guilty party in this sad story is one Chris Reynard and he must be stopped operating as SE or any other name he will dream up in the future. Regarding your slim hope f being paid forget it. If everybody ***** fotties he will get away with it and destroy more people, more hopes, more ski trips, not only through him but with other tour operators in future.
  5. Hi
    We are planning to take a group next year with Skiing Europe and have already paid the deposit, And we were trying t understand our options
    Which school trip did you go on and how many kids were there

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