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Ski Trip Companies

Discussion in 'School trips' started by easyeasy, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. I am looking to organise a school ski trip in February 2012. Are there any particular good companies that people would recommend. I have already looked at PGL
  2. I have taken 3 trips with skiplan, and they have always been really good x
  3. Interski, every time....
  4. My vote goes to SkiClass...
  5. We have recently started skiing with The Ski Company. Absolutely excellent, offering the personal touch. Based in Torgon, Switzerland on French border of Portes du Soleil.
  6. i use Pinnacle Travel and have done for the last 4 years ! I take 70 students to the USA each year.
  7. slick

    slick New commenter

    Interski to La Thuile... cannot fault it and going in a few weeks again. Fantastic organisation and great place for beginners and advanced to ski
  8. I also vote 'Interski'. They are superb! Taken 4 trips already with them and got the next 2 planned already! Great incentives for the party leader which is always nice. We take mainly beginners and go to Pila. Good value for money and great organisation - they seem to think of everything, very reassuring.
  9. Interski from me too, as a first time ski trip organiser they are fantastic and really have thought of everything.
    Am looking to go further afield for our next trip - USA or Canada - any reccomendations for companies / resorts for this??
  10. Avoid SKIING EUROPE please see my post regarding this and it gives some good general advice for before you travel. You can NEVER be too careful!
  11. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    No problem peteacher. It just looked a bit suspicious that the same post appeared in several threads especially unrelated to scuba ones!

    Thanks for the other comments. I do try to help where I can. This site is great for sharing experience around.
  12. 321ski every time - I was going to direct you to a few reviews of them but the schooltripadvisor site seems down?...We went with 321ski to Ski Amade (Schladming) three years ago, Zell am See two years ago and Kitzbuhel last year. They'll give you RAs and templates if that's useful.
    For Feb you'll always be fine snow-wise but in Easter I suggest glacier skiing so perhaps Bad Gastein?
    I hope this helps!
  13. asnac

    asnac Established commenter

    I would not recommend this company. Avoid 321ski.
  14. swampyjo

    swampyjo New commenter

    Eventually went with Skiteam4 last February to St Anton in Austria. going again next Feb. Skiteam4 have been excellent.
  15. We feel quite loyal to 321ski - they made it possible for some of our Yr7 snowboarders to come with us, despite the low numbers and this avoided tears our end, and we had one accident which they dealt with very well. Their rep wasn;t necessarily a 10/10 but they surpassed our expectations with the whole package, and our EVC was very happy with all of the admin docs they provided. PM me for more details if you like.
  16. We've travelled with Halsbury Travel for 12 years now going to various resorts across Europe. Fantastic company with real focus on customer satisfaction. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    Originally went with them when another company let us down a week before we were due to leave. Trip went ahead with a few changes but it was a nervy week where I nearly had to cancel. Any company who can do that must be descent!

    Always had positive experiences even when little difficulties occur like injuries etc. support from office in the uk is always available and helpful.
  17. Really? Without a doubt we have had the best trip in the last 15 years with 321ski. STG (Skiplan, Equity etc) were a nightmare for us and we never looked back.
  18. hfairwood

    hfairwood New commenter

    I went with SkiTeam4 in 2016/17 and sadly we did not receive good quality service/product. Would not use Ski Team 4 again, feel free to contact me for details. Went with Halsbury this year (17/18) and they were fab

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