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Skeletal system- engaging ideas

Discussion in 'Science' started by machadingding, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. I'm hoping to pick the brains of people with more experience! I'm doing a lesson on the skeletal system for a chatty, but pretty tidy, year 10 gcse class.

    Have to go through what comprises bones
    Naming the bones
    Functions of the skeletal system

    Any ideas how to make it more interesting than just a powerpoint?
    Was thinking of using post it notes, and getting them to work in groups of 5 to identify then stick labels on a pupils body.

    Thank you for any other ideas
  2. Great Ideas!!
    I always think X-rays are great when teaching this the students could maybe match these to the position on another students? Difficult to get hold of though but the school may have some??

  3. I have just uploaded The Complete Skeleton [a collection of diagrams & games for teaching the skeleton] on to the TES shareware site
  4. Thank you for this Wordy William. I thought I'd put a link here to all of your resources so other teachers can find them more easily.
    Wordy William's resources
  5. Chicken leg dissection always goes down well (just look on google for help sheets) and there is a good video on teacher's TV "Skeleton amd movement" which is really good
  6. There's also a good free film which is an introduction to Bones and the Skeleton- with great high quality visuals of lots of different bones types, both real and computer graphics... It's a full mini-documentary about what bones are, what their purpose is, examples of bones, and how they are constantly growing. Watch it at http://twig-it.com/twig-films- it's called 'Bones'.

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