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Sixth Form - monitoring students with conditions of entry to the Sixth Form

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by PHurley, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am currently in my first year as a HoY and have been working hard to make an impact within the school and Sixth Form. We currently offer prospective Year 12 students places within our Sixth Form at times with conditions of entry. This relates to their behaviour/achievement/attendance in Year 11 as identified through their references. For example, a student may have a condition that attendance must remain above 90% or that progress and meeting deadlines will be monitored.
    I have therefore spent a lot of time since this last September following up on students' progress related to these conditions (I started with 70 students with conditions and because of improvement through checking and giving feedback/setting targets I am down to 15 - a much more manageable number and a brilliant success). I have monitored students by sending out tick box sheets to teachers and collating results as well as sending personalised emails with respect to individual students. As I have said, this has been successful but is very time consuming from a management point of view (when I should be spending more time analysing and dealing with issues).
    Anyway, my question is - do any other schools operate a similar 'conditions of entry' style monitoring system? If so, how do you do it in an effective way in terms of managing the whole process? I am liaising with our data manager/ICT team trying to set up some kind of automated/semi-automated system for asking for and collating information which the pastoral team can then act on, but any help and advice would be gratefully recieved!

    Thanks in anticipation :)
  2. My primary question is what is the aim of your post 16 provision?
    Is it to promote academic success and provide a filter to good uni courses and careers?
    Does it exist only as a result of bums on seats cash where many are proppig it up by doing noddy courses?
    I think the approach on how you design conditions of entry will depend on that and certainly influence how you set boundaries in terms of monitoring
  3. Our school strongly counsels students if they choose very inappropriate subjects and qualifications for them, but there are no other requirements based on their performance and attitude in KS4. A lot of support and allowances are put in place to keep the students in the sixth form. Monitoring is done on an electronic system. It's a website created by one of the IT teachers with an interest in this area, but could be approached with a spreadsheet I'm sure.
  4. 70 seems like an awful lot of students with conditions - is it a very large Sixth Form? To make it more manageable for you, I'd suggest handing it over to Heads of Dept - i.e. at the start of each academic year, individual HODs agree with you which students they are willing to take on and on which conditions. They set the conditions with the student, contact home so that parents are informed, and then you/they review termly - students can come off monitoring if they have fulfilled the conditions set by depts. This keeps more staff in the loop, gives depts more responsibility (which is the right way round - you can't be in charge of 70 students the whole time!) and means that students are given meaningful, subject-specific targets rather than generalised ones. This is how we do it in the Sixth Form I lead, and it has worked very well - subject teachers and HODs appreciate being part of the process and you can oversee the whole thing rather than chasing around monitoring one particular group.

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