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Discussion in 'Personal' started by doomzebra, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    If the asthma pump is a spare, and she does not use it regularly, then it is perfectly possible that she regards it as something she could easily forget to pack and therefore left one at your home "just in case".
    Similarly the toothbrush could simply be a convenient thing to have at your house should she need to stay over again.
    As to the spare key, if you are OK with her staying at home alone as a favour to yourselves I do not see the issue with her letting herself in
  2. Are they a super-close family?

    If I was at home and my OWN sister let herself in un-announced, I would probably have a heart attack.
  3. Oh, and I'd be mildly irritated.
  4. asthma pump is fine to have as a deposit anywhere you will be.
    Wouldn't be bothered about the toothbrush either (and would drop it in the bin the next time I clean the bathroom).
    Did you give her the spare key forever or only to be in for this particular purpose?
    Your OH needs to sort this out.
    My Mum had spare keys to my flat. For eternal access.
    Friends are only given spare keys for specific purposes and I get the keys back.
    You really need to make that explicit when handing out a spare key.
  5. Wouldn't have a problem with my sister.
    But as I said - my terms are explicit when I hand out a key. Family gets one for keeps if I mean they can come anytime, otherwise I say "give me the key back".
    It isn't difficult.
  6. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    sorry, but letting yourself into another person's house uninvited and for no reason is not acceptable. no matter who you are in that family!
  7. Wouldn't you get a fright though??

    I remember lying to the bloke on Valentine's Day, telling him I had to go to work - I went to the shop, bought lots of lovely breakfast food and snuck back in, thinking he'd still be in bed, asleep.

    As it was, he was sitting on the toilet, cowering, thinking burglars were quietly breaking into the flat...

    How <strike>I </strike>we laughed...
  8. I wouldn't say SUPER close no. Maybe it's a female thing because my bf also seems to think I'm crazy for caring. I have a spare key for my elderly Nan's house, but still wouldn't dream of just barging in without knocking. Especially if she wasn't expecting me.
  9. With family? No, we all have keys to each other's houses.
    But the terms are explicit.
    Only to be used if noone is home.
  10. I would just say that you need the spare as you left your one at work and then just not give it back. Simples. [​IMG]
  11. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    Forgive me, dear CK, but I am laughing my entire **** off here!
    Poor bloke. [​IMG]
  12. Yes, I know, but if you weren't expecting them, wouldn't you be alarmed? Say, if you were in the bath, and you heard the door rattling?
  13. :p
  14. Not from family, no.
    I know who has my keys!
  15. You're missing my point. :)

    I know your family has keys, but if you weren't expecting them, and they came into your house, wouldn't that alarm you at all? If they came unannounced?
    Or would you just automatically assume it was them?
  16. Like my poor T. who thought I'd left for the day.
  17. It's to leave at his Mum's incase we are ever locked out etc. I've never been in a position to give anyone a spare key before, but just assumed that everyone would have the same attitude towards them as me. Maybe we need some ground rules
  18. Only me and the OH have keys to the house and it still scares the sh*t out of me if he pops home from work during the day!
  19. Yes.
    They are the only one with keys.

  20. Only the people who actually live permanently in our house have keys. I am always relieved when the door goes unexpectedly and I hear a familiar voice shout "Hello".

    If no-one shouts hello I nervously call out "Who's that?" (son always anwers that he is local murderer/burglar etc.)

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