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Sir James Dyson in the Telegraph

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by benedict16, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Thanks for the tip. I have just read it. I was talking to a cousing who is a contract design engineer at Jaguar. Apparently the graduates who come through all want to be managers but the designers jobs are not being filled easily. the workforce is ageing and not being replace. I have been telling students for years engineering is where the money is but they all want a quick buck. However according to my cousin the designer engineers will be commanding £40 per hour due to the scarcity. Maybe this knowledge would persuade some to keep on with D&T. The trouble is that graphics seems to be disappearing amongst the rest of the subject as it is so hard to get good grades or through the lack of competent teachers.
  2. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    It's good that James Dyson makes the effort he does for D&T. There's no direct reward I can see he gets from it. More a frustration that things he can see that genertate good income and keep the country ahead of the competition aren't being addressed as a matter of concern any longer.
    I've met a lot of people with product ideas they'd like to progress. They rarely get off the ground through lack of finance. The days when you could take an idea to your bank manager and ask for a loan to set up a business to make it are long gone. Unless you already have a business turning over millions, all you will get to speak to is an underling with no ability to make a decision, but will pass your ideas up the chain in his own words and way. Consequently, the message doesn't get across, alternative finance at higher cost might be arranged, but this adds to a potentially viable business being unprofitable in the early and vulnerable years.
    Whilst graphics is a neccessary part of D&T, it gets too much prominence in my view. It gets easier all the time as software evolves.The same might be said of concpts that can only be produced using 3D printers with no regard for the practical issues of manufacturing the item in real life,

  3. I appreciate what you say and in some ways agree but even so we found that getting good grades in comparison with other subjects left us fighting for kids. They decided other ways were easier to achieve what they were being pestered to achieve.
    B T W did anyone see Lord Digby Jones add his two pennorth on the new saying we are having to import so many engineers from japan where teaching problem solving is higher priority. Exactly what my cousin was implying. How do we make the kids listen???????????
    Enjoy your hols everyone.


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