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SIP visit

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by littlest hobo, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. littlest hobo

    littlest hobo New commenter

    Im really starting to worry about our SIP visit this week. Have spent all day looking over our planning and data but I was just wondering if anyone who has had a recent visit would suggest what they are looking for?
    Data? Evidence? Lesson Observations? Transition?

    No idea!

    Please help
  2. I am sure if you put this into google you would find a wealth of material about what they are supposed to do, revolvoing perhaps around OFSTED key issues, school action plans, self-evaluations and all the rest of the flashing lights on the whirlygig merrygo round. However being a little bit tired of spinning and not being particulary fond of funfairs, toffee apples and candyfloss I would only ask you the question 'do you know what you are doing? Or what you believe you are doing? If so take the talk to the SIP. In what terms is Improve conceived? Can they give you an answer? Can they tell you why there is a better than where you are now? If they can, then you will have learned somethng useful. If they can't well you won't have wasted your time second guessing.
  3. littlest hobo

    littlest hobo New commenter

    No she's an Early Years specialist and I have been told she really knows her stuff. Im just worried as I am the new FS Co-ordinator and feel a little out of my depth as I know Im going to have a 1:1 meeting with her.
    Also.. our on entry results are quite low this year. 70% of our cohort are Summer born and we had a lot of zero's in reading/writing/calculating. Im worried that I won't be able to explain this well enough to her when she asks why? Are zero's ok? Honestly.. some our of children simply sat there and watched for the first term and have only recently satred resonding to questions with more than one word! Also.. our childrenw ere only in part time for the whole of the first term, Im wondering if this had an impact?
    I just feel that if I had an idea of the type of questions that might be asked Id feel more prepeared. Very scared!
    What do you think/
    Thanks in advance
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    then use it!!
    Explain you are new to the role and understand that she is very experienced and can she offer some ideas for the children who are entering on zero ...does she think it would help if children were full time sooner as you are concerned ... literally anything Show you are looking to improve outcomes
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Question her first
  6. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    mufcmufc- you have a KS2 trained SIP? Lucky you. Our last 2 have been secondary and usually advisors that have been out of teaching for at least 10 years.
  7. littlest hobo

    littlest hobo New commenter

    Msz - you're right, thank you. I need to just look at it as an opportunity to improve I suppose.
    Have you ever had zero on enty scores for some children? If so, what did you do about it?
  8. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Zero scores are not OK. You need to be looking at assessing these children through EYFS Learning and Development. They might be in the 30 to 50 months grouping or 22 to 36 months or whatever. They would then register somewhere and you could then plan for them as individuals with appropriate play based experiential activities. This is what she is going to tell you!
    Google Progress Matters and scan through it a bit.
    The whole point of EYFS was to merge Birth to Three with Stepping Stones Curriculum so that all children could be given appropriate early education.
    Make sure your provision is tidy and looks nice. Have all your assessments to hand. Find three good Learning Journeys to present. That sort of thing.
  9. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    and I would think about Transitions - if your children have no nursery experience, how are you supporting these children.
    I wonder how long we will have SIPs? I wonder if they are good value for money?
  10. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Lead commenter

    I must admit, I would be concerned if I had several children on entry with zero in at least 3 areas, and I would be looking to consider when you do your on entry assessments (ie is it literally on entry or around the half term time). I would ask about your settling in routines, and their previous pre school experiences, if any,and looking at any transfer records, if any.You've probably done this already? My personal experiences of not scoring anything has only ever been with children with additional needs or because I just didnt know (eg the child that starts with you in June!). Possible SEN would come up if assessed against the development matters.
    Im not a SIP by the way, these are the questions I'd be asking myself if I were in that position. Your SIP is there to support you, and I know that many people here havent had good experiences, but hopefully if she does 'know her stuff', these are questions you can ask her. Has an agenda been agrees by the way?
  11. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I've taught children who never reached the level of profile scores and I've had to use alternative methods of assessment (I used portage assessments booklets pre EYFS now I would use DMs)
  12. littlest hobo

    littlest hobo New commenter

    Thanks for your replies.
    The children who had zero scores only had them in one, maybe two areas of learning - and these are children that are Summer birthdays or who have SEN.
    From my on entry results we planned using DM on the earlier age band for these children for term two. After completing the term two assessments Im happy to say that now all of my children are working within the ELGs - some 1-3 but most 4+.
    I think that our transition may have a lot to do with our scores perhaps... part time for the whole of the first term.

  13. littlest hobo

    littlest hobo New commenter

  14. I had a few with zero score on entry to nursery, as we have a high proportion of EAL children. A lot of these children are moving very slowly so we are using DM statements. They also have sporadic attendance and we have no help in our class with EAL.
  15. Are you in reception and measuring children using the profile?
    Zeros are not really OK because they tell you nothing about what the children can do, only that they can't do anything on the (I am assuming) profile. Use development matters to help you record what the children can do. Some may be in an ageband that is lower than their chronological age. All this means is that they are below the expected average when they start school. Recording where they are at is a help to you because it will help you know what experiences would offer them opportunities to progress. It's not about doing what the SIP wants but about doing what will benefit the children. This is what the SIP is supposed to want too. If you can see it like that it may help to dispel some of the fear and worry - just regard it all as a gentle slope you have to walk up rather than a bxxxxy great cliff to climb!
    Good luck.

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