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Discussion in 'Personal' started by ellie28, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Tell me about it! Its quite depressing!
    I'd been with my ex for years and now at age of 31 Im find it all really difficult lol.
    Haven't had the courage to internet date yet
  2. starbuck

    starbuck New commenter

    I know! I just cant believe how bad it is. I'm 38, haven't been single since I was 19! I thought it would be nice to spend time with a man, get to know him, flirt and have fun. I think I've been a bit naive coz men my age are mental!
  3. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    Do you swear, lie, cheat, fight, sulk, shag around, smoke cigars, and abuse those that love you?

  4. Thanks a lot.
  5. starbuck

    starbuck New commenter

    no Lurk, is that where I'm going wrong?
  6. starbuck

    starbuck New commenter

    sorry HG women my age are mental too, me included :)
  7. At least you're getting dates! I haven't had one in a long time!
  8. Nor me! Happier than I've ever been! (Relationship wise!)
  9. starbuck

    starbuck New commenter

    wise coalwoman! someone mentioned internet dating so I signed up last night; didn't subscribe (thank God) but I took the 'in depth' personality test which took about 20 bloody minutes. lo and behold the first perfect match they found for me was a smoker who wants babies!

    think i'll give online dating a miss :p

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