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single? TES Online Speed Dating

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Speed Dater, May 5, 2004.

  1. Very mysterious indeed!! :p
  2. I´m up for chatting!
    female 28 brighton
  3. what's your msn saturady??
  4. you are added!!!! :)
  5. I'm going to add myself to this thread...
    Age: 25
    Sex: female
    Location: Herts
    Looking for: male 24 - 30 - are there any single ones in Herts?!
  6. what's your msn pl? :)
  7. Ha ha here I am....
    :) hee hee :)
  8. Anyone?

    WLTM Female 21-30
  9. this is ok but once 5000 posts are here how do you read thru that lot to see if you find someone you like
    i suggest a county by county thread and then a girl looking for boy county thread and then opposite so you can look in exaclty where you need to so im going to start the west yorkshire boy looking for girl thread ok?

    but btw im
    male 39 looking for GIRL!!
    PE teacher
    West Yorks

    hi to all those that remember me !
  11. Does this actually work?
  12. It did!

    2 marriages from it!

    I wonder if they're still married?!

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