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single? TES Online Speed Dating

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Speed Dater, May 5, 2004.

  1. Hiya thesortinghat
    m 27 london(yeh i know it's quite some distance from berk).If you still would like to make a new friend, email me:tesmoa@hotmail.com
    Speak to you later
  2. Female
    NE England
    Looking for man in 40s
    Tony Soprano look alike
  3. Female
    Very tall
    Looking for an honest guy, pref over 6'3" (which of those is harder I'll leave open!)
  4. Female, 23. Slim, petite.
    Hertfordshire. New to the area.
    Would be interested in hearing from:

    Honest, reliable, decent, male, 23-28, similar area.

  5. male, 33, 5'9. athletic build (rugby player), Deputy Head (Primary) I live in london/kent and work in East London, and ladies fancy a drink, chat and a laugh and then take things from there?
  6. East London?


    You sound loverly!
  7. ...surely this could be fun for a Saturday night?
  8. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    .... who was 32 when she joined TES....?
  9. Very new to this site, as I'm recently over from the States, but thought I'd give it a go!

    I'm 28, Female, and live in East London. I love films and socializing. I don't know many people here, and would love to find out if there's anyone I'd like to know. In terms of friendship, I'd love to find people who just like to be spontanious and have a laugh. In terms of men, I definately like men who want a good time. Make me laugh, and I'm pretty much yours!!!!! If you think you' like to know more about me, then let me know!
  10. By the way, does anyone know any cool places to go in East London for live music. Definately something I miss about home.
  11. Hey Tiffany, I'm in East London and quite regularly go to gigs. get in touch and we'll see if our musical tastes are similar.

  12. What sort of music?
  13. This is quite funny because we're conversing over 2 separate threads. How about we email and that way we can keep track of this conversation without having to repeat ourselves?
  14. Have just emailed ya MisterE
  15. 27, female
    Primary school teacher
    not cocky, quite cute, can be funny
    bored of the single life...but not looking for "the one"!
    South east
  16. Can't help thinking that on the night before I turn 31, I'm starting to gather dust on the shelf.
  17. *assumes winegums is the mysterious type*
  18. only a bit!!! ;)

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