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Single Status-legality/fairness????

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by blackdog99, May 25, 2011.

  1. Sadly, it is legal. A number of LAs are going through similar processes, or have recently done so.
  2. Please join a union so you have a voice. Thinkng you needn't join and save a few quid on subs may turn out to be false economy!
  3. If the recognised union in your LA is UNISON, their subs are pretty cheap for the support you might be grateful for.
  4. legoearth

    legoearth New commenter

    Thankyou all.Advice taken!

  5. legoearth

    legoearth New commenter

    All council employees are to have their jobs assesed and be paid at an equal rate for similar roles and ,evels of resposibilities. for instance,refuse collectors and TAs are ,I believe, paid at different rates by most authorities. Under single status they may be assessed as having similar levels of responsibility etc which would mean they would have to be paid at the same rate.Some employees stand to lose out,others to gain.It has nothing to do with men and women being equally paid. This is just an example, none of us are sure how we will be assessed!
  6. Absolutely. But also be aware that most unions have a 90-day rule that states you MAY not be supported until you have been a member for three months (exceptions made if you have just taken up a post). However, this seems to me to be something that Unison will have been involved with, so get in contact with them. But don't be surprised if they don't offer to help if you have not joined. So join. And get the benefits that go with membership.

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