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Single Status and Working Hours

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by jayney27, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Have posted this in Early Years originally but not sure whether it would apply here as well.

    At our setting, Early Years practitioners work 32.5 hours a week.

    With single status, we've been told we need to work 35. Fair enough, my question is that single status hasn't officially gone through yet. We've been told it is some time in June.

    TA's and Early Years staff received notice from our authority last week that we have individual meetings to go to to sign for compensation relating to back pay.

    Head has told us we need to start working extra 2.5 hours from April. But rumour is that if we sign agreeing to compensation package, we won't be able to claim for extra hours after any compensation has been agreed. In effect, I feel I'd be working for nothing until single status is actually agreed. Head hasn't actually said that we will be able to claim any extra hours, but she also hasn't said we can't.

    I just feel really confused at the moment. As I saw it single status meant I had to work 35 hours to get the pay I got when I worked 32.5 so I'm not even sure where any pay claim for extra hours can come from anyway.

    Sorry to ramble, but moral seems to be at a low at the moment because of everything that is going on.

    Has anyone else come across any confusion in hours because of single status.
  2. why not contact your union for their advice - that's what they are there for (you are in a union aren't you?)
  3. We have been told we have to work 37 hours a week - been to union meeting about it and all they could really say is tough!
    Because it works so well in other areas ( offices etc ) they are telling the schools to agree to it.
    The other thing they said is to work to rule - which anyone knows in this job is impossible - the only people that would effect are the children.
    I feel the councils are underminding us as people and as a profession! Anyone who works as a T,A or support staff know the school is a team we all support each other and unfortunatly moral has gone down since this news has happened!

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