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Single Mom in UAE

Discussion in 'US – Staffroom' started by gingertucker, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. gingertucker

    gingertucker New commenter

    I am seriously considering looking at jobs teaching in the UAE. I am a single mom with sole legal custody of my children ages 7 and 12. Their dad is a sad story, which is why I have full custody, nobody knows where he is. How hard will it be to sponsor them without a letter from him? I have the court paperwork stating I have full custody. Can anyone tell me how life is for a single mom. I need to think out of the box the next few years to save money for our future as I am the only one providing for them. I have taught 19 years in the USA.
  2. mailewikum

    mailewikum New commenter

    I am going to be in the same boat soon. As single mothers yes we need to sacrifice at times. I taught in Thailand for 9 years and was able to save a lot of money there. UAE is not the only place. Keep your options open and you will find a place both you and your children will love. I am choosing to stay out of that area but that is my choice. Best of luck.

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