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Singing with Littlies

Discussion in 'Music' started by Gumponian, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. I'm doing some whole school singing as part of my curriculum music job.

    I'm a music specialist but am more used to juniors and high school - and haven't taught infants before.

    I've got a half hour singing session with reception and year 1. I've got lots of books and resources but am wondering more about approach in the first session.

    With older ones I would go in fairly strict and set expectations... I guess I don't need to do that with really small ones? More of a softly approach?

    I might sit them in a circle rather than in rows, so more friendly and can do music-based games???

    I'm thinking of singing rules and instructions, so there is music throughout. Does anyone else do this and have any suggestions?

    Any advice for the initial getting them in the room and setting the tone of the session would be good! I think once I get started I will be ok!
    Thanks x
  2. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    Even though they are little you need to set boundaries and be strict from the start..
    I have half hour lessons with littlies. I tend to use the same format for each session - a hello song, that encourages them to take turns at singing/saying their name. Then a warm up activity-usually an action song to get them watching. I use lots of visual props-puppets, pictures, a music box that has interesting objects in, to introduce the main song.Then we use the instruments.I sit them in a circle-in the same place each week (they like having a special music place-and it helps me learn their names). I usually sit on the floor with htem so that I am at their level.I sing instructions to G E patterns.
  3. Kimlouisedavies

    Kimlouisedavies New commenter

    It sounds like you have the infants altogether? I do a similar singing practice. The teachers bring the children in and sit them down in rows, which means that they settle quickly as the routine is familiar. It also means they can see the board (doesn't sound appropriate with your age!). The two year 2 classes enjoy that they can read some of the more simple words and I often have visual prompts on the powerpoints - I use some of the songs with my juniors as well. All part of the children performing a song in an assembly once a week.
    I am very clear about when they can and can't talk and how I expect them to behave. I always start with a couple of familiar songs to engage their interest. I usually finish, if possible, by telling them something we are doing next week - I find they will ask me during the week about it!
    Have fun - start with songs they know and like. Ask them which songs are their favourite. We have a huge amount of EAL and I find that for some reason, they always want Baa Baa Black sheep! If you can sign, that is even better for songs!
  4. Ooh thank you, they are really good ideas. It's reception and year 1 all together for half an hour.

    When they come in I might set some rules and boundaries then, like a certain rhythm or signal meaning stop. I'll make them come in really quietly as well, without being to intimidating. I hadn't thought of the puppet / prop idea, but come to think of it I found a good song about a teddy, so a little teddy and some musical games with it would be really good! Singing a song they already know sounds like a good ice breaker too. Thanks for the advice x
  5. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    I use a start and stop bat-a circle of thick cardboard covered in red shiny paper on one side and green shiny paper on the other side. Red means start and green means stop. I use it when they sing, when they play instruments, when they are moving to music. I try and catch them out and they love it.

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