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Singing in Geography lessons?

Discussion in 'Geography' started by Mr_grumpy, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Anyone else do this? I even have a guitar in the corner of my room. However, during half term I went a bit further... recording, mixing and releasing a EP of my Geography songs- along with the obligatory water cycle song!
    http://mrsims.bandcamp.com is where they are at, feel free to use in lessons- they should be on youtube soon with a relevant video.
    Anyone else use (or as in my case attempt to use!) song to teach? :)

  2. Mr Davies' water cycle song is a classic. I've just started using the biome song from you tube too. Students love them both.
  3. I have found that even students who havn't chosen Geography in upper school have been taught my songs from my students.

    Simon Cowell eat your heart out!
  4. No, I don't sing in my lessons. I'm a bloke, and cannot sing.[​IMG]

    I've always assumed the kids wouldn't join in, and just kind of sit and look at you.
  5. I got as far as writing the words for a rap on Migration in Italy but haven't had the courage to play it in class although I gave them the words! You're brave. We do have a member of staff who has used both guitar and ukelele in class. The students really appreciated it.
  6. It's amusing- I'm not known for my jollyness in lessons, and the looks on the kid's faces when the guitar comes out is priceless!

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