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Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by sun_girl, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Has anyone got first hand information on a very large int school in Singapore, UWC?
    Given Singapore is getting to be very expensive to live in, and they don't provide housing but an allowance, I was wondering if it is enough?
    What is the school like to work at, management? any information would be great!
  2. Has anyone got first hand information on a very large int school in Singapore, UWC?
    Given Singapore is getting to be very expensive to live in, and they don't provide housing but an allowance, I was wondering if it is enough?
    What is the school like to work at, management? any information would be great!
  3. Hi sun_girl.
    Check other threads about Singapore for more opinions about the place (like the Tanglin one).
    UWC is very highly rated. A big school in all ways!
    I am lead to believe that staff are happy and the package is good.
    Do beware about the way in which the cost of living is increasing here,though.
    Having said that you can have a comfortable life with plenty of social stuff and great travel options around the area.
    Good luck.
  4. I work in the region. Everyone is avoiding Singapore big time for next year as the housing prices have gone through the roof and the salaries are not yet there in terms of it being worthwhile. Singapore is expensive, housing is an issue but the school is outstanding and has the most wonderful reputation. It's going to be a real problem for Singapore schools to get people at this rate, things need to change and a freeze has to be put on the rents. Teachers I know have had their rents for next year doubled. They just can't do it. Maybe if you shared, that would work for you.

  5. " I wan live HDB in Ang Moh Kio-lah,
    very close MRT,
    but money no enough,
    don't have-lah,
    come back tomorrow. "

    ( Uncle Lee Francis *****, 2007. )
  6. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    Maybe we lucked out after all. We have been offered a good relocation allowance, settling in allowance, tuition for Y, flights, medical (keeping my own Private Health Insurance here though) and the flat is fully furnished and the rental includes a cleaner once a week and utilities.

    Perhaps what we lack in salary compared to Singapore we will make up in the other things. Nice lifestyle as well. I'm excited, four weeks and counting.
  7. Panjang

    Panjang New commenter

    Things are bad but I really don't feel they are as bad as Valmal says. If you are single, or a teaching couple then a job at UWC or Tanglin would still give you a good life. You wouldn't be living in Holland Village or Orchard but you can still get a 2 bedroom condo a bit further out for under $3000 per month. Having said that, if rents continue to rise that may change. We are in a particularly bad situation as my husband localised last year so we are paying our own rent and school fees. It was manageable last year but rapidly becoming less so. Honestly a teaching couple at UWC with 2 kids would be better off financially than we are, and we are ok at the moment - just won't be next year when our landlord raises our rent yet again!
    Hi i remember you well from last year but as someone else when you were off to singapore. My husband and I may be coming to singapore and i have a feeling that it may be the school that you are at. You have mentioned that the cost of living is rising, is it possible if both of you are working to live ok and send a little home. Would appreciate your advice.
    many thanks.
  9. Brownie 1,
    Could I have your email address?
    Speak soon,
  10. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    Housing allowances are good when they're good and bad when they're bad. Never understood why top dogs like UWC don't own their own accomodation. False economy all round methinks.
  11. Probably a lot of hassle unless they are all in one block...and that would be a nightmare! Probably a financially sound move, though.
  12. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    Not convinced of that - it just requires a policy and nothing more in my mind. No reason why it needs to be in one building. Maintenance is pretty cheap relatively speaking in Singers and a big international school should be able to include a housing element in the admin staff.
  13. Point taken. You over here?
  14. Hi,

    I know yours is a VERY old post but do you have any updates on UWC/ cost of living? I am thinking of applying for next academic year.

  15. I teach in Sg, but have a lot of contact with that school due to my job role. Their package is the best available, barring one in the far north of Singapore. Housing is still and always will be an issue. But, for staff of that particular school it is not a problem as base salary is soooo good. Should you manage to land a job, you'll work, work, work... but, you'll be well paid and in one of the best known schools in the region. Cost of living here is going up... my school is struggling to keep up with it which is one of the reasons I am thinking of leaving....

  16. Intleducator - could you give any hint as to which school you work at? We are currently thinking of applying to schools in Singapore but are concerned about the cost of living. Thanks.
  17. hi happy to tell you my expereince via email - lyd_lj@yahoo.co.uk
  18. yep but email me to my tes account my log on is teapot12
  19. karel

    karel Occasional commenter

    I know this is on old post and you may not even be in Singapore anymore, but thought it worth a shot
    I am trying to find out info about a school in Singapore, the International School of Singapore ISS, but can't find out much at all. Do you know anything at all about this school?
    thanks in advance

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