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Singapore court prep school- the white cliffs of....

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by miss rollo, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Good morning,
    Can anyone give any information about this school in Singapore?
    The good, the bad and the ugly all appreciated.
  2. Panjang

    Panjang New commenter

    Dodgy management.

    Do a search. This question comes up regularly. If you just type in the first two words in the name of the school, there are three posts discussing it. Many more if you try different search words.
  3. oh ******......thanks! Will do my searching.
  4. Panjang,
    A searching i have been..............you seem to be one of those in the know. Can you give me any specific info, eg. dodgy management comment; package as i know Singapore rentals have gone mad etc.
  5. Panjang

    Panjang New commenter

    Never worked there myself but know people that have. Apparently pay is ok but rest of package not very spectacular. In the last property boom (pre 97) many of the teachers were sharing apartments with each other as that was all they could afford. Not sure if the situation has changed but you'd need at least $2500 pm to get your own place.

    Management are notorious for being unreasonable with staff. Having said that, quite a few teachers do a contract there then move on to other schools in Singapore. Once you're here, it's easier to find a better job but you'd be stuck there for two years (or however long the contract is) Reputable schools here won't recruit teachers who are breaking their contracts. I do have specifics about the management but their anecdotal and would prefer not to write them here.
  6. Panjang

    Panjang New commenter

  7. teaching there at present...dreadful SMT, very unreasonable SMT,nasty SMT,bullying tactics,lying etc.
  8. Oh dear! Can you elaborate....what are the problems? What are the other staff like that you work with, parents,children? Is there nothing positive about the place.
  9. bump!
    Any info guys.....?
  10. Maybe you could be a bit more specific about the name of the school. And your position within it.
    No need to refer to positions as this is not relevant at the moment.
    I am just looking for honest opinions and feedback.

    Teachers seem to have issues with SMT, which is the norm in most schools it seems when reading TES. (bit of a generalisation, i know.)
    Expat sites that i have looked on seem to be more positive but that is from a parental point of view.
    Basically just looking for a balanced view.
  12. Hi
    I have worked there and know quite a bit about the school. The Head Dr enjoys sacking staff for a hobby (no I was not). If u r still going and Singapore is a great place to live never say a word even in whispers about the school or the staff as the roach always finds out and u will be out a s a p.Take lots of your own resources and keep parents happy as there is no teacher support if they complain. I managed 2 yrs ok and really enjoyed Singapore and the staff there were great as they bind together against the management.
    Its a great experience and I would say go but smile and say all the right things all the time
    Good luck
  13. Thanks Taff for your information and all other posters.
    I would have been attending for interview tomorrow, but i have declined as it just didn't feel right.
  14. Phew ..... that was a narrow escape!
  15. Well it is for me.............or maybe them!
    The day after i declined the interview, i was offered an interview for the job i really had my heart set on and yes i got it...........so i guess it was meant to be.
  16. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Maybe you could be a bit more specific about the name of the school. And get the whole thread deleted by the TES moderators.
  17. It has managed to last four years without being deleted though.
    However I do agree with you, some of the ways people "hide" the names are not very subtle.

  18. white cliffs of ...?
  19. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    I thought it was slightly bizarre that the other thread was deleted as it specifically mentioned the school name in the thread title yet this hardly subtle one creeps onwards.
  20. No, no court there, but there is one in Harwich.

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