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Singapore 2020

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by 123flowers, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter

    Hey Guys! I’m hoping somebody can give me an honest opinion about Singapore. I’m really interested in looking at jobs for 2020. What’s life like? is there a good expat scene? is it typical of schools to provide you with accommodation or the allowance for you to find somewhere?

    I’m currently in the UAE and got very lucky with my apartment and it was all set up which was easier to make friends etc. I’m ready to leave life in Dubai behind me but I’m scared of making the move incase I don’t like it :)

    thanks x
  2. darkwingduck

    darkwingduck New commenter

    As someone looking at both UAE and a Singapore can I ask why you are looking to leave Dubai? Schools in Singapore seem to offer an accommodation allowance so not outright.
  3. migratingbird

    migratingbird Occasional commenter

    There are many threads on Singapore here where you can get a general feel for the place. I'm in my 6th year here. What's your current status - with family? Free and single? I think Singapore has a great lifestyle for both but some schools are more suited to different groups. My school is more families, and single people coming to us can find it tough. There are other schools, however, with loads of younger people who always seem to be doing stuff. Same with living - a young single person might prefer a smaller apartment more central, whereas I'm in a 3-bed place further out of the city. It is most typical to get an allowance. Most places are semi-furnished (just white goods), but you can do an IKEA run to sort yourself out easily. If you want to ask more specific questions, I'm happy to chat via the conversation section.
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  4. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter

    Dubai is great and is fantastic for a good lifestyle. I’ve done two years now and coming into my third year I felt totally different. I aren’t sure what it is and can’t seem to put my finger on it. I just feel I’m ready to move on from Dubai. I want more money and Dubai can’t offer me that right now. The wages definitely don’t reflect the lifestyle and living costs in some schools ( mine being one) so just find it hard to keep up.
  5. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter


    thanks for this, I’ll send you a message :)
  6. Jason_Bourne_

    Jason_Bourne_ Established commenter

    Since you have mentioned wanting to earn more money, have you considered China? The quality of life here is significantly better than what the western media wound lead you to believe. Great travelling opportunities, cheaper cost of living than Dubai and good opportunities to save money. PM me if you want to.
  7. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter

    oh I haven’t. I’ve thought of Hong Kong but I’ll have to do abit of research. Yes that would be great. I’ll PM you :)
  8. Peterpipergirl

    Peterpipergirl New commenter

    Singapore - my destination, too! Love the place.
  9. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    I have a friend who has just moved to China and he seems to love it. Definitely worth considering. I teach a lot of Chinese students and they're all very invested in education
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  10. Bythesea123

    Bythesea123 New commenter

    I'm teaching in Singapore - I love it but I am here with a husband and 2 children. My school has both: families with children are common here with kids attending the school, and there are also a number of younger teachers who have come alone and are having a ball. The families tend to live near the school, and the younger staff live nearer town and go out more! Great scene for both though, I don't really know anyone who doesn't like it here.
  11. Bythesea123

    Bythesea123 New commenter

    Oh, in my school they pay an accommodation allowance and provide you with an agent to help you find somewhere when you arrive. The rental contract is between the school and the landlord. Singapore is quite an expensive country, depending on how you spend your time, but there is a lot to do and travel opportunities are great.
  12. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter

    Thank you for these :) I applied for a job last night so we will just have to wait and see! Yeah I’m in Dubai so I’m used to expensive things and ways of living lol! I would like to save aswell but I know you can. Travel I love to do so that’s great news :) And it’s also great news about the school and accommodating you. At least they help you out and don’t just leave you to find some where ha

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