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Since when did tooth braces become so stupidly expensive?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ResourceFinder, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. possibly because they have become a vanity choice in the majority of cases (rather than an essential) so the prices reflect that
  2. I was meant to have a brace as a kid and never got given one. I now need to pay £3k for it minimum. *** that.
  3. Possibly. I suspect this may be the case.
    Although it isn't vanity in our case, it is a necessity.
  4. Same here.
    Although for me it is in excess of 5.000 €.
    Son's costs over 4.000 € (cheaper for kids and costs are partially covered).

  5. Our Dentist has sent teen girl to a number of appointments at the ortho ... she has an overbite but it is just cosmetic

    I have allowed her to decide but the pressure has been great

    She has decided no
  6. I too have and overbite. I can live with it. I need a brace because of the spacing of my teeth - not just because of vanity, but because it lead to the teeth becoming loose. But I have some time left, yet.
    Son needs a brace because his jaw is narrow and the teeth are coming out of the top of the gums (the pointy teeth).

  7. My teeth are terrible and I'd say as a kid were a necessity but now I've got so used to it it would be vanity. I can't afford that much to look pretty!
  8. Sorry for typos!
  9. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    I know I have asked this before, but do you have to pay for braces in England?
    I don't know anyone here, who has had to pay for braces.
    There is a sustem where the treatment is graded. Anything up tp a certain grade will automatically qualify, and then each case is taken on merit after that.
    My daughter has a substantial overbite, but it was just outside the automatic qualification. Hers is skeletal in nature. We have just received confirmation of her funding this week, but the orthodontist was so sure of it, he went ahead and fitted the twin block 2 months ago.
  10. I don't know about England, doglover, although the answer would be interesting.
    Here we have a system where for children, the costs are partially covered (also on a grading system, not sure if it is the same grading system as you will have in NI.)
    For adults, no costs are covered unless you have an additional private insurance specifically covering dental treatment (or if the treatment is definitely necessary, but health insurance companies and Kieferchirurgen (not sure what you call them) quarrel about this).
    We have the additional insurance for the kids, too - but even then, not all costs are covered.

  11. oliverferret

    oliverferret New commenter

    My son's just had his braces removed - all his treatment was free on the NHS - however, your teeth have to be bad enough to qualify for the free treatment - prior to treatment his teeth were pretty awful.
  12. Yes a Schiene - but both son and myself need proper fitted braces. I am waiting a bit longer for mine - need to pay for his first! (plus I will also need an implant after the teeth have been realigned although that is covered by the private insurance).
    Normal health insurance doesn't cover the full costs of it and neither does the private insurance - measuring and fitting are not included, for example and the measuring and fitting goes on for about 12 months!
    That is why we have upped the insurance we have for daughter to include all costs.


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