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SIMS query - can i make it do this...

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Rumper, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Rumper

    Rumper New commenter

    I am currently working on streamlining behaviour management protocols at my school. Is it possible to programme SIMS so that by right clicking on a students name on a register you can Log a behaviour point under a category, let's call it "red". When you click "red" the following happen - a behaviour point is logged for that student, a detention is automatically assigned for the next day at 3pm, and an email of a standard letter is emailed to the primary email contact for that student.

    I'd be grateful for a simple yes or no here.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. james_buchan

    james_buchan New commenter

    As far as I am aware no. You can add behaviour points under a category called Red. Red would be set up in the Tools Lookup Maintain. You would need to write a report which will list all the Red incidents.
    Using the list you can then add a bulk detention by adding each student on the list, Then that write an rtf report which can be designed to incorporate the school letterhead and will add the time and date and location of the detention. The person taking the detention can "tick-off" attendees in Sims, and a further report can be generated to list non-attenders to chase-up.
  3. rpalmer14

    rpalmer14 New commenter

    We use a 3rd party app called Classcharts. You can “preset” rewards and sanctions which will automate the process. For example in our school pressing the ‘C3’ button on a student automatically adds the points in SIMS and triggers a detention after school the next day.

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