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SIMS Assessment and Informing Pupils

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by garethhicks, Jun 29, 2016.


School leaders using SIMS. Is SIMS effective in collecting whole school data?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

  1. garethhicks

    garethhicks New commenter

    Our school is looking at SIMS as potential tool for assessment. We particularly liked the way that it is possible to digitally track progress against individual curriculum objectives. However, we are struggling to find a way to report progress to pupils in an efficient and useful manner.

    We are currently using progress trackers in children's books which are ticked by teachers to show that an objective has been complete. However, if we were to use SIMS this would involve staff having to complete the digital mark sheet and then go to children's books to tick their trackers so that the children are aware of their progress and next steps. This seems like a very time consuming method.

    Is anyone already using SIMS for assessment , and if so, how are you keeping the children informed of their progress?

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