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Simple money saving ideas?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by eggnchips, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. That depends...I'm betting she doesn't go into a shop and just buy something she intends to return!
  2. Grow your own salad leaves - Buy seeds marked "Cut and Come again" - does exactly as it says. With bags of salad around £1.50 its a great saving. I sowed some 2 weeks ago and its just started sprouting. Sowed my second lot today and will do one further lot in another 2 weeks. Then you will have a constant supply of salad leaves throughout the summer for around £6.00 (around £1.99 for a pack of seeds but can be cheaper)
    My garden centre sells out of date seeds at a fraction of the cost and they usually sprout no problem.
    Oh and I sow them all in pots.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Great - if you like salad!!
    Have you checked out other stuff like insulation? Loft insulation, cavity wall etc. All subsidised at the moment.
    Also - a water meter. Can save loads of money. Plus lowering your thermostat by 1C.
    Just got a new house so have been researching this stuff. Found out about DIY secondary glazing. You put a magnetic strip around the frame and fit acrylic to it. I think even I could do that. I found out the couple in the flat spent a fortune (well to me) on heating bills last year. Detemined not to do that.

  4. I rarely use the amount of meat that recipes suggest. I tend to pad out things like spag bol with loads of vegetables (peppers, mushrooms, courgettes - whatever I have).
    We eat far too much protein in this country and not nearly enough veg - so not only is it cheaper, it's better for you as well.
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    What we used to do in college, was use breadcumbs to 'pad the meat out', which I still do today. Can make 1/2 lb mince feed 4-6 that way, so can freeze some, if there's only two of you.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Have you tried Quorn mince? Dirt cheap and makes lots of bolognaise type meals. Lentils are good as well. We also eat far too much meat in this country.
    Buy a large chicken instead of a medium one. You get relatively more meat on it so you can pad it out for several days and make sandwiches, stir frys, curries etc. Then you can boil the bones to make a good stock or soup.

  7. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    I second this. We tried it in spaghetti bolognaise on FiL who is a complete carnivore, and he didn't notice the difference! Also fab that you can cook it from frozen, so great for an unplanned meal.
  8. You can cook all free flow mince from frozen too and it is sometimes really reduced in price and available in very large bags. Though we have used quorn too!
    This is turning out to be a really useful thread!
  9. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Quorn mionce is amazing! Most people don;t know it's not meat!
    I'm a great fan of lentils....I make a mean Shepherdess pie (Shepherd's pie using lentils not mince)....and lentils are a pulse that doesn;t need pre-soaking (unlike dried beans).

  10. Vampyria

    Vampyria New commenter

    Have only read a few earlier replies so hope this hasn't already been suggested!
    Find this site an absolute must, particularly if you're about to purchase more expensive items. It's always worth checking these deals out first. Deals on more mundane items like groceries included, too!
  11. I am on the dole and only get £63 a week so it is important for me to cut corners and save where I can. That said, I have become a lot less frivolous with money and now think Do I really need this?".
    I washed out the dogs food cans and put loose change in them - so have one for 10ps and 1 for tuppences and so on..It all adds up. I often think - the Romans must have thrown their money away (all these Roman coins folks find), but nowadays people just seem to toss their loose change onto the pavements..
    Shop at Lidl, Asda, Poundland and sometimes goto the market in Birmingham to stock up on fresh fruit and veg. I think eating well is important - so I buy chicken breasts and salmon from Asda for the freezer..Last me a few weeks for the weekends..although I am literally a vegetarian all week and feel better for it! No more red meat (lower vibrational stuff) and that has done me good.
    Have cut down on booze and just have a bottle of Sanatogen tonic wine as the odd treat.
    Everytime I am tempted to get a bottle of booze - I think of the dogs or get myself something off Amazon! Paul McKenna has done quite well out of me!
  12. Bloody hell Ostpreussen - God knows I have been hard up but I just don't think I could wash out a dog food can or drink Sanatogen - Sanatogen! hahahahaha! - call me precious...h
  13. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I don't own a dog....but when times were really bad I have been known to ask the butcher for 'scraps for the dog'...and eaten them.

    I'm not a big alcohol drinker...but surely it can't taste any worse than Supermarket-Own Bargain-Brand tea or coffee....they were undrinkable!

  14. Gorgybaby and Bethannie (are you part German like me? My mum was German and I lived there for many years..) - the wine is the only one I will drink!
    It gives a great "lift" without the headaches ad heaviness of some other wines..I bought a bottle today and it was the last one left in Sainsbury's, Kings Heath! Have you guys tried it? It's quite tasty and I think you should both have a Schluck some time!
    I always get a bottle around period time and it "lifts" me. There are vitamins in in it too! It's not what you imagine - vitamin pills dowsed in water!
    And washing out the dogs food cans - they make great pencil pots too if you paint them! But great for left over pennies..Living on £63 per week ain't easy!
    Bethannie - I've tried dogs food before and it is tasteless! Mine have fresh chicken, rice and vegetables..I'm an animal lover and I love my dogs to bits!
  15. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Yes I am! My Mum comes from Germany, some of the children, including me, were born there....and I was educated in both countries.
    (As for a nationality I suppose I am British,,,...I qualify for dual nationality but don't currently have a passport - when I did it was British)
    I haven't actually eaten canned dogfood..what I had was 'scraps for the dog'.
    And I know that living on benefits is not easy! Been there, done that!....still doing it although these days it's Incapacity and DLA.

  16. Hi Bethannie,
    I am v. German as my dad died when I was young and my mum was from Seestadt Pillau (Ostpreussen) so I grew up speaking German at home, did a German degree and Masters and am a German teacher. Also ave a German degree which I studied for here! I was raised bilingual and both my brother and sister were born in Germany..I did not know what a pillon was until I was 19!
    My father was Poish btw., but died when I was 10.
    So, I spent every summer (8 weeks in Germany ) and every Christmas there and all my memories of summers are in Germany..Lived in the GDR for several years..
    Yes, have thought of German nationality and the German Embassy have been in touch, but feel that really I have no English blood, have German/ Polish blood and really a passport is neither here nor there for me now. I am German/ Polish und damit basta! It is not as ifI am English and love Germany and need that pat on te back..It is part of me, my heritage and outlook and I have no English blood!
    I really identify with Germany, but love England too!
    I have sent off my certificates to Schleswig Holstein for them to be accepted for me to enter into the German education system..And I am contemplating selling up and becoming a teacher/ German citizen there, but have fallen for an English guy. Ob daraus was wird?
    I am very proud of my German heritage and mama would spend hours telling me of her life in Seestadt Pillau II., her work for the Wehrmacht and life as a refugee. So really I am a German chikld - even went to German school in B'Ham city Center to study German and never ever celebrated a birthday here.
    What of your mum? Where did she come from? Was your dada a squaddie?How did she come to England? Do you teach German too?
    If you don't want to tell this online then do send a PM as I'd love to hear from you!
    p.s. It doesn't matter about the dogs food - have tasted dogs food tins and even Bonios - and why not when you share your love with four legged friends!!!! I think the British are leagues ahead of the Germans when it comes to dogs and animal rights - I am a member of PETA and CIWF.

  17. Salad seeds in b&q today for 48p!
    Also - what about growing poatoes. I did some at work and grew them in shopping bags - the reuseable kind - I think they were 14p from Morrisons. The seed potatoes I got were reduced because they had gone slightly bonkers over sprouting I think they were 99p. A grow bag can be bought for 99p - use the compost from that. You get more compost for less than buying a bag.
  18. For an even thriftier alternative to Quorn, try dry soya mince. It comes dry and you add water (or the juice from tinned tomatoes in my case when I'm making bolognese or chilli) before cooking with it. Tesco do it as part of their wholefood range and one bag goes a long way (12+ portions of meals mentioned above) and costs about £1 if memory serves me correctly.
  19. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    This is a great idea! If you use that loose potting compost, you can have a quick feel around the soil and pull off a few of the bigger ones as they grow and then leave the rest on the plant to grow bigger, into the room you've made.
  20. Is soya mince actually nice, Jo? I always have quorn as I am veggie, but have never tried soya.

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