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Silver Cross prams

Discussion in 'Personal' started by jubilee, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Has anyone else started noticing the appearance of the glossy, coach-built prams on their High street?
    I know that certain celebrities (Lily Allen, for one) have been spotted witht he prams and probably received them free from the manufacturer but I've been seeing rather less well-heeled young women pushing them lately.
    Yesterday I saw a young woman who could have played Waynetta Slob without any time in make-up pushing what was clearly a brand new SC pram.
    They cost around £1200 apparently.
  2. Are they still being made? I live near what was the silver cross factory. It closed down several years ago. Are they being made elsewhere?
  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    I had a grey Silver Cross pram for my boys - now well into their twenties - it was a gift from my MiL - loved it! [​IMG]
    It gave a really comfortable ride for them and they were well protected from the elements. It was strong enough to take a pram seat for the eldest when son no 2 came along.
    I didn't have a car then and had to walk everywhere so it had lots of use.
  4. I bought a basic pram - it was well build and comfortable, but didn't have lots of extras like many of the prams you see now. When they were able to sit up properly I bought a good pushchair - seat that would lie back when they were asleep, swivel wheels ,wet weather thingy etc. I got a lot more use out of the pushchair, but I tended to use the car - a big pram would have been too cumbersome.
  5. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    Silver Cross manufacture modern baby buggies these days, but as far as I know no longer do the coach prams.
    They're beautiful but impractical unless you don't use a car or public transport. I guess they're still being sold on Ebay and the like.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Since 1877 Silver Cross has handcrafted the finest coach built prams in
    Yorkshire, England. Every classic pram is made to time-honoured fashion
    by skilled craftsmen. Every detail is carefully created to give that
    special Silver Cross hallmark of quality.
    The original and iconic baby carriage. Hand crafted Balmoral glides on a
    C spring chassis cushioned by leather suspension straps to create the
    famous Silver Cross ride. The luxurious finish features a hand painted
    body and hand stitched fabrics with chrome chassis, wheels and shopping
    basket. The ultimate transport for your baby.

    The classic Balmoral comes in black, white, navy and pink.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    One of my colleagues is having a Silver Cross for 'walking out' and a more sensible pram for the car. ...a needless expense in my opinion.
    They've remained very popular with people who really can't afford them too.
    I had one when my son was born but that was over 30 years ago.
  8. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I haven't noticed any where I live, although when I bought a pram for my first baby in 2009 they were selling them in the shop for about £1200. It sounds a lot, but a modern travel system costs close to that, although at least you usually get a car seat, carry cot and buggy bit from it, and it'll fit in your car.
    I've got an icandy, which is a pretty popular pram.
    There are plenty of women like that with expensive prams in the next town over from where i live!
  9. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    I had one as a baby in the 70s, Seren ... and I was born to teenage parents! They were pretty ten-a-penny back then I think.
    Wish the folks had held on to it [​IMG]
  10. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I had a big pram when my son was born (33 years ago). It was not coach built (hard bodied) but a sort of showerproof canvas and had the big shopping tray and full hood nad apron.
    I bought it second hand (it was about 8 yrs old) and it served me well. I didn't drive then and it was a godsend when shopping as you could put a box of shopping across the pram body, have goods in the tray underneath, pack items like loo roll and cereal packets around the baby and have a shopping bag hanging from the handlebar, all with no risk of the pram toppling over as buggies do when overloaded.
    Mine was used for my two over a period of 6 years, then went to one sister for her son and on to another for her daughter.
    Mr jubilee was working but we were not well off and I could never have justified the expense of a new one.
    When I worked with Social Services, we used to get donations of absolutely beautiful smaller prams and buggies and it was a hard sell to get our client group to accept the freebies. Most wanted the latest fashion buggy and a brand new one for each of their children! Loan sharks did great business with them.
  11. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    We had one for blazer major (he is 30 this year). It then went on its travels round family and friends and then back to us for blazer minor. Finally after a few more babies using it we sold it for £50 to a new grandma who wanted it to take her grand daughter around. We saw it out and about a few times.

    When I was a kid you would search the bomb sites for an old coach built pram as they had the best wheels for your trolley!
  12. The Travis children had one of these.
    They're the dog's. You can even get a baby and a 3 year old in at the same time (or a baby and a big shop).
  13. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The wonder that is the elliptical spring!
    Babies have a very comfortable ride with the suspension and they have room to stretch out and be elevated out of draughts and exhaust fumes.
    I hate to see babies in forward facing buggies getting the brunt of traffic pollution in their faces.
  14. I had one 37 years ago for my first child. It was at least third hand but built to last. It did the second child too. They were brilliant for putting the baby out in the garden to sleep during the day - do mothers do that nowadays? - and for walking up to the shops and stashing all your shopping in.
  15. I had a second hand one, I put the new baby and his year old sister at one end and their two year old sister at the other, shopping underneath and dog attached to the handle! It was brilliant!
  16. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I used to do that as I had a secure back garden. I always used a cat net to protect the baby from cats and insects.
  17. Pretty sure I saw them have one of their traditional prams alongside all their buggy/travel systems on their stand at kiddicare recently when we were there buying our buggy.
  18. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    I had a second hand Silver Cross pram for my babies. Wonderful big thing.
    The suspension gives a lovely rocking, soothing action at the slightest touch.
    We would set out with the newborn baby tucked up in the spacious body of the pram and toddler on a padded seat on top, complete with zip up hooded rain cover. Shopping packed on the big tray underneath.
    I used to douse the wheels with Zoflora disinfectant before setting out on a shopping trip to discourage dogs from cocking a leg on a wheel!
    Eldest could reach things I would prefer she didn't touch though. In Boots she would collect an armful of all sorts of embarassing medications like condoms and piles cream while I was paying for the cotton wool and rusks.
    Some shops were too small for prams and I'd have to take the baby out and carry her into the shop. I used a sling, which I kept tucked into the top of the pram until I needed it, or would wear it empty until I got to the shop and then pop the babe in.
    When I was a kid, I remember people would leave babies outside shops in their prams. Scary thought.

  19. I have no idea how many people use them, but I had a Silver Cross pram when my kids were wee and it was brilliant.
    Built like a tank.
    But brilliant.
    (paid nowhere near that amount btw - took a model that was on sale. I actually paid less than my sister paid for her snazzy "off road" fancy farty model).
  20. My gran forgot she'd left me there and went off home without me - my absence was only noted about lunchtime - and when they ran back to the shop - I was still sat outside like I'd been left.

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