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Silly question but how do I do guided reading?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by anon82, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    Can I ask a stupid question? What sort of questions do you ask? I'm great at the what do you think happens next, why have they done that but then struggle to think of other questions for the AF's? I really want to make my guided reason sessions more interesting and get more out of them!
  2. A couple of things I would add to Simon's excellent points- make sure you are not planning from the AFs- plan from the framework and use the AFs to inform and adjust planning.

    Plan from the framework - could you please explain. Literacy framework? How?
    I take a AF and use that as a focus during my guided reading session. Am I doing it wrong?
  3. rugeleyradical

    rugeleyradical New commenter

    Hey Keepsmiling!
    One thing that I use is comprehension cubes. They are soft foam cubes wth a question per side which can be used with most texts. I think that they are suitable for KS2 you could always use this as a basis and create your own cubes using different AF statements. Just google comprehension cubes for a supplier.

    Cheers hope this is helpful
  4. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    Thank you Rugeleyradical, I'll google it now!
  5. I use these question cards from the shared resources area. They are great. I pick out the questions for the AF that we are looking at and after reading some/all of the book the children choose a card. I then read the question out to either individuals, pairs or the whole group. I sometimes tailor the question to the story and often word them more simply, especially for KS1.

  6. Dear all, I am a trainee teachers and I am looking at completing a small scale research project on guided reading. A lot of the material I have been reading seems to focus on the negative effects of guided reading or how it is done badly in school. My aim is to try and focus on how guided reading can be used a POSITIVE strategy to the teaching of reading and I was wondering if any of you lovely teachers out there would mind answering a few questions to support my research?
    - What do you consider to be the most imporant aspect of guided reading?
    - Which abilities benefit more from guided reading and why?
    - How often do you think guided reading should be taught?
    - What does a sucessfull guided reading session have to include?
    - How much does your school follow the structure set out in the Primary Literacy Strategy?
    I would be really grateful for your feedback and knowledge. Thank you

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