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Silent Witness

Discussion in 'Personal' started by unhappylil, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Did anyone just watch tonights episode?
  2. Did anyone just watch tonights episode?
  3. No, but I am sure somebody did.
    Is there a particular reason you are asking?
    I mean, you could get a whole thread of "Yes" "No" [​IMG]
  4. I did!
    Bit dramatic, wasn't it.
  5. I did, I haven't watched it for ages and ages and ages. Then - wham! Have I been missing that kind of thing all the time? I thought they just cut up bodies and that lot.
  6. Wife and I are here in shock. Didn't see that coming at all.
  7. wow...and he had his haircut by Simon all special like.
  8. In the olden days he would never have succumbed despite the evidence to contrary, you knew that it was all a ruse to make the viewer think it had really happened, and they would appear to save the day. But these days the TV programmers have a tendency to actually kill them off. So who knows, we'll just have to wait until tomorrow. Though, I am feeling pessimistic about the outcome.I hate it when they kill off people you have vested years in.
  9. should have known.......because he didn't lash out and pay for a shave too. That was the give away.
  10. I too am in shock, was completely stunned. Don't think I want to watch anymore. First it was Spooks now Silent Witness. I am getting a bit fed up of the bbc ruining all my favourite programmes :(
  11. I was just about to mention Lucas in Spooks.
    He and Harry were the two cutest actors on the telly.
    What's the betting that the scriptwriter who did away with both of them was an ugly man?
  12. I was a bit surprised too. I really thought that he'd be saved by the bloke in the taxi (can't remember his name), that he'd arrive in the nick of time.
    Perhaps the actor wanted to move on before he was identified too much with "Harry"?

  13. baitranger

    baitranger Senior commenter

    I'm not sure how far actors' career preferences determine major script decisions. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could comment on this.
    I found it rather peculiar - and particularly contrived- that Harry's body should be dowsed in petrol and burned to a crisp. It was made graphically clear that he'd been shot in the head and was therefore dead, so why kill him twice? Perhaps it was to emphasise the horror of his death or was he, in a Giffordesqe style, merely wounded in the brain and in dramatic if not medical need of a good old fashioned petrol bath with a carefully aimed match at the end of it to really finish him off?Certainly, it would have destroyed some evidence-but what I have no idea? Would his killer's bullets have been melted in the human inferno, thus preventing the gun from which it came being identified CSI style? It does fit symetrically with the earlier bodyin the plot that had been accidentally subjected to a premature cremation (hopefully after rather than before death) , if you see what I mean.
    I await the next episode, when all will no doubt be explained.

  14. baitranger

    baitranger Senior commenter

    He may not be appearing as a human being -he could be the dreamy ghost of himself, come back(dramatically presented in the manner of Hamlet's stepfather?) to haunt the waking dreams of Dr Nikki Alexander, perhaps with the added interest of her not so hidden sexual urges for him reaching a culmination post mortem, as it were, on the mortuary slab in potent flashforwards as she tearfully dissects, weighs and examines his lungs, liver and sexual organs, or at least what remains of them.
    No doubt there will be a prolonged dramatic struggle to free his body from the clutches of the Hungarian police, who will want only to consign it to rapid cremation to destroy the evidence that he was shot rather than set on fire after being dowsed in petrol In that way his death can be passed off as suicide by self immolation, East Asian style, in a public street, because he felt so guilty about murdering his pregnant Hungarian girlfriend.
    I'm fairly sure we'll see Prof Dalton go on several trips to Hungary to track down Harry's killers. No doubt he'll visit the very same whorehouse where Harry met the hooker with track marks; this time though he may pay for the services of the woman, raising a worried eyebrow or two at quite high levels in the diplomatic service (fearing an international incident) and straining to breaking point the credibility of the viewing public. His desperate attempt to find out vital information will be presented as crude and sexually explicit but ,ultimately, morally correct.

  15. I've just read an interview with Tom Ward...."And there's a moment when it looks like harry is dead."
  16. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    He's not dead. There is no way people wouldn't have known if he had been leaving.
    It will all have been some great conspiracy to get him out of Hungary - or somehting like that.
    Baitranger, you obviously have a better imagination than the scriptwriters ;)
  17. Spanakopita

    Spanakopita New commenter

    I watched this episode for half an hour and wondered how the cast could appear in such drivel without cringing with embarrassment. What tacky trash it was. I turned it off so I missed the 'death' but if the entire cast were burnt to a packet of Walker's salt and vinegar it wouldn't bother me a whit.
  18. Off you go to watch some Ice Dancing rot, then.

  19. baitranger

    baitranger Senior commenter

    Perhaps Harry will return from beyond the grave as a singed apparition and perform a post mortem on his own body.He could then leave a ghostly, cryptic report on the Prof's answering machine so that solving the mystery of his death could take up at least two more episodes.
    He could also have ghostly sexual relations with the spirit of his deceased Hungarian girlfriend, the result of which would be a spiritual pregnancy and another round of commitment phobic behaviour from Harry's ghost.
    I quite like the idea of bringing dancing on ice into the plot somehow.
  20. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    I would agree if this involved a skating boot and Dr Alexander's head...

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