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Silas Marner - ever taught it?

Discussion in 'English' started by frolic, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. This appears on the Cambridge IGCSE course next year and I'm thinking of teaching it ( the choice isn't great).

    Have any of you taught it, and how did it go down? I recall enjoying it when I was 18.
  2. I LOVE that book. I did it in school but have never taught it.
  3. I've not taught it but have written a SOW and added to my TES resources. It was originally written for higher ability Year 9 but it might give you a basis to work from.
  4. I taught it for a coursework pre-1914 option a couple of years ago. There is a really good BBC Audio version which I bought, read by Andrew Sachs. It brings it to life and was extraordinarily useful. he reads it better than I ever could. We approached the novel with two options for the coursework task upfront - one focused on attitudes to marriage and love in the novel, the other on how class is portrayed in the novel. We focused on these two aspects of the novel throughout and the students and their choice of task for their coursework, working in groups to explore and plan responses. I did give them a chapter for each task on which to focus, with the requirement that they chose another chapter or extract to supplement. It was very successful and they achieved highly. I am not sure they enjoyed the novel at the time - it was and is challenging given their prior reading experience - but thy made significant progress and the coursework was very good. I would do it again.

    Again, I highly recommend the audio version; they can follow the text while listening. I got the audio version from Amazon. Pick your tasks in advance and give the study clear foci. I know IGCSE does not lend itself to thematic study, more to character studies, but there is a wealth of possibility nonetheless.

    Good luck
  5. Thank you all for the feedback. Very helpful.

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