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Signs you knew you were pregnant.....

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by anon4046, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. The positive stripe on the p iss-stick. :)
  2. Seriously though, I just felt a bit weird - like I had bad PMT. I went off alcohol (although kept on drinking it) and kept buying various types of takeaway food because I just didn't 'fancy' anything. I had nothing to compare to with regards to 'knowing' I was knocked up as this is my first time.

    Oh, and my nipples were very painful (inside, as opposed to outside, if that makes any sense)
  3. Thanks coffee - I know we can find all this out on t'internet but it's nice to know from real women what actually happens!
  4. I'm sure more people will come along soon. :)

    There are other fora with quicker and heavier turnover ( I use mumsnet and TES together)

    TES pregnancy is nicely intimate, but occasionally very quiet.
  5. quieter at the weekends, I find

    For me, it was extreme tiredness. I felt more tired that i had ever felt before and thought perhaps I was pregnant as could think of no other reason for it!

    cant really remember if there was anything else though
  6. I have looked at some other fora coffeekid and I can't STAND all the stupid "text language" they use! Plus all the bright sparkly pictures of people's babies and countdown thingies etc etc- not as pleasant on the eye as TES, plus people on TES write in real English!! (Sorry if that sounds snobby!)
    Mind you I haven't looked at mumsnet so that might be different- will have a look!
    As regards OP, I had PMT of the extreme variety, together with excruciating "period" pains (but no period- I tested about three days after AF due) plus I was emotional and would burst out crying for no reason whatsoever. Boobs became larger and extremely sore- still are- and it is a sort of tingly, "stingy" pain in the nipples especially. Also my nipples were/are more erect (!) and the areola slightly larger.
  7. OOh yes I was also very dizzy and lightheaded and "not with it"- my TA commented "You're not quite yourself, are you?" and that was the day after my BFP!
  8. Oh no, coffeekid- you've introduced me to ANOTHER way of wasting hours on the internet, as if i needed one! [​IMG] Mumsnet is good. Thanks!
  9. Big boobs, sore nipples.

    And throwing up 2 days before my period was due.
  10. Yes - I tried LOADS of other fora and they all turned my stomach with their 'huns' and 'hunnys' and dreadful text-speak. Mumsnet is nicely cynical. There was a great thread about all the terrible things you go through when you're pregnant - can't remember the name though. Oh - and their 'Am I Being Unreasonable' forum is marvellous. :)
  11. Will have a quickie look now.................
  12. Sore and slightly bigger boobs and extreme tiredness. Oh, and I just 'felt' as though I was PG.
  13. The line on the stick! But then I wasn't TTC, so I wasn't looking for signs. Actually Ihad sore boobs (but then I get them just before period) and feeling a bit sick when hungry. But I didn't realise what this was until I did test!
  14. Loved your reply coffeekid- gave me belly laughs!!
  15. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    The week I was due (gosh that feels like years ago, I even still have the unopened packet of tampons that I had bought the night before) I was down with a flu. I had lots of PMT symptoms - cramps, sore boobs and nipples - and put my delayed period down to the flu. Well, after 9 days I started getting suspicous and the test confirmed it. Couldn't believe it.
  16. Oh it's so nice to know I'm not the only one!!!! It drives me mad - hardly takes any extra time to type things out properly. And I'm not even an English teacher (that's my excuse for any bad spelling or grammar).
    I like this pregnancy forum - seems a bit more down to earth.
    So far as symptoms go, I'm not sure I had any really straight away. I did have a gut feeling that the tests were going to be positive in each case though, unlike in the months of negative ones.
  17. Sore boobs, feeling really hungry, craving chipolata sausages after being on a mainly veggie diet since meeting my husband... these were all signs in retrospect but the thing that made me do the test to be certain was visiting a farm with my class of kids and just having this weird instinct that I should stay clear of the sheep and goats. Very strange... I was only a couple of days late at this point but something told me that I should listen when the guide told us this on our tour...
  18. The only symptom I had was ridiculously painful boobs. Apart from that and the missed period, nothing. Didn't really believe the pregnancy test. Or the one after that. Or the one after that. I think I maybe believed the sixth one?!
  19. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My boobs were painful and my hair kept getting greasy really fast. Plus I was really tired and once I nearly fainted in class when I was crouching down by a desk to talk to a pupil. I'd had a cold though.
    I put it all down to just coming off the pill, and it being the first few weeks of term in September. I only took a test when I figured I should've had a period by then as I'd had cramps and usual PMT feelings. I was dreading having a 'normal' period after being on the pill for so long, so being pregnant saved me from that! lol.

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