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Signs of Eptopic pregnancy

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Smurf191, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Smurf191

    Smurf191 New commenter

    Hi,I'm new to this pregnancy thread - just found out I was nearly 5 weeks pregnant on saturday- happy news! The 10 days before when I was waiting for my period and still now I've had what can be described as bad period cramps. All the internet says 'eptopic' but I know the internet it a lethal research tool and thought it'll be nice to hear from normal people and not a medical journal on if these cramps are normal or not.
    Went to doctor today, he didn't say anything just said he'll refer me to the early pregnancy unit at hospital for an early scan - can't work out if this mean's he's worried.
  2. Congratulations hon - I found out I'm about 4 or 5 weeks pregnant on Sunday very happy news !
    Not sure I can help here but I have cramps too[​IMG]
    Worse to one side sometimes and a kind of twisting/stabing pain at times?
    Spoke to the doctor today,on the phone and she wasn't concerned in the slightest and said its pretty normal as things stretch and change and only to be concerned if very painful (more than a normal period) and followed by bleeding. Have you had any spotting etc?
    The cramps seem to come and go for me and are worse in evening and I'm absolutley shattered.
  3. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    Hi Smurf
    Hope that everything turns out well for you. I had an ectopic pregnancy in June and like the previous poster who had the same had no symptoms for the first 6 weeks. Then some bleeding (that, without TMI I hope, was completely different to usual!), but still no pain until the day they actually operated on me. Have got everything crossed for you, let us know how you get on and if you want to message me feel free.
  4. Smurf191

    Smurf191 New commenter

    Got an appointment at the Early pregnancy unit now on Thurs so it's just waiting time now. I need to think that what every happens between now and Thurs the result will be the same, its just a long wait - a whole day inbetween. I'm glad the pains didn't come on next week, it would be triky getting an appointment closer to christmas.
    I'm glad I used this thread, everyone is so lovely and supportive, thank you

  5. I had EXCRUCIATING period pains- baby now 10 months old :) Hope everything's fine and dandy for you too!
  6. Hope everything goes OK on Thursday. I need to phone the Doctors but am paranoid they will tell me it's too early. I don't even know if you are meant to see a Doctor or the nurse! My cramping seems to have subsided today. Am full of a cold but don't want to take anything for it. Roll on Friday and the christmas holiday.
  7. Hope it all goes ok Smurf let us all know how you get on. Has the pain eased a little? My cramps have stopped and now I'm worried that they have gone how ridiculous huh!!!
    Tallrach I know exactly how you feel I called the doc yesterday and was given a number for midwife unit - dont see them till 10 weeks think I'll crack up by then! xxx
  8. Smurf191

    Smurf191 New commenter

    I just booked an emergency appointment with the doctor so no one could say to was too early as they didn't know why I was there until I was in to see the doctor. He took me seriously. Cramps are coming and going, sometimes I just have to grab myself in pain where period cramps are, left work early luckily no marking and things to stay behind for and just taking it easy. I asked my doctor who I should've seen if it wasn't and emergency and he said you phone up and book an appointment with the midwife, doctors are rarely seen through pregnancy.

    Do the midwives not see you till much later then, isn't 10 weeks a long wait - we're all about 4/5 weeks, does 10 weeks make it end of Jan?
  9. Smurf191

    Smurf191 New commenter

    Just re-read - I didn't mean I just booked now the doctors, I meant on Monday when I was worried I booked the emergency doctors, just to reassure you tallrach they do take this seriously x
  10. Thanks smurf, I will give my Doctors a call next week I think. My cramps have stopped now, they seemed to just be around when my period would have been due, but like S&B said I am now worrying that they have stopped!! It is going to be a long few weeks.
    The end of January sounds about right for the 10 week mark, I was dreading February arriving as I turn 30, but now it can't come quick enough.
  11. Smurf191

    Smurf191 New commenter

    OMG, I'm also 30 next year. Fingers crossed we all have just 'harmless' cramps and healthy babies in common too. I've read so many of these past threads I've worries myself there are alot of sad stories out there - lovely to have this site to share and get things off chests but I need to stop reading them as I'm getting myself more and more worried.
  12. Just to reassure you, I have had two pregnancies and had severe cramping early on in both. My first ended in a miscarrage but fortunately the seconded ended in the happy and healthy 13 week old baby giggling downstairs! The cramps were the same both times, if anything worse the second time so it's not neccesarily a bad sign. It's very often things stretching, growing and implanting, think of it as the little one burrowing in!
  13. Smurf191 - do let us know how you get on today, have been thinking about you. I hope you have been given the reassurance you need.
  14. Really hope you're OK, smurf- drop in and let us know x
  15. Smurf191

    Smurf191 New commenter

    the scan was inconclusive. They could see what they think is an empty sac, either I'm earlier on the in pregnancy than we thought (although if everyone goes from the first weeks of the last period I am 6 weeks today) or the sac is empty as the baby hasn't formed properly (although if it was there and now empty wouldn't I have bled at one point?) or it's not a sac but a bundle of blood cells as my bodies confused as it wants a period as it can't find a baby in my womb meaning it could be ectopic. Very confusing and emotional morning. I spend the morning really upset, now I'm confused as I don't know what I'm crying over yet as I have no answer. They did a blood test and will do another on Sat something to do with how a number in my blood changes will tell them more about what's happening, I get the results Monday morning - it's going to be a long weekend. I just need to know, I've hit the point of whatever the result is then I can't do anything now to change it but to begin to get through this I need to know what it is I'm getting through if that makes sense.
    My hubby took the day off and he's been great distracting me today - he even watched Titanic with me! I'm trying to be there for him too as I can see his eyes are looking sad as he was so looking forward to being a Daddy. Oh dear I've set myself off again crying. It's hard with not many people knowing (only hubby and my Mum) as there are less people to talk too, its great to have you guys. I saw my Mum today and she's great and is there for me but she's feeling a loss too and she's feeling my pain so I don't want to put much on her.

    Just to say to all of you who have shared your stories about having cramps, please make sure you take note of all these other posters who say they had cramps and now they have a healthy baby as it shows you that not all cramps result in news like mine - so please don't worry, but do go to the doctors if you're worried as they do take you seriously and the nurses and doctors as the hospital were so lovely - not one person has reacted like I wasted their time.

    I guess it's a waiting game now. Luckily my head has said I don't need to go in tomorrow, its the last day before christmas and I can't cope with all the 'how are you? 'where were you yesterday?' comments. I'm hoping that everyone will be so busy over christmas that they will forget I was off so I can go back in jan with no questions.

    Thank you for everyone's support, it's nice that this thread is helping so many of us, and I'll keep you updated (and also get things off my chest if the wait for Monday is too long if nobody minds) xx
  16. Oh Smurf, what a difficult outcome. You are in 'no man's land' but that does not mean it will be bad news. Although they go from last period to date you it is possible that you ovulated later (they take the assumption I think that everyone ovulates in the middle of their cycle and not everyone does, I usually ovulate early), so it is entirely possible you are not as far along as you think. If you are not as far as 6 weeks an empty sac is not unusual.
    In terms of measuring your blood changes, they are probably measuring HCG levels. From my understanding hcg is meant to double every couple of days (something like that), so they will be looking at the difference between the level today and the level on Saturday.
    I am so pleased that you have the support of your hubby, he sounds marvellous. It sounds like you are being worried about everyone else but please make sure you don't protect everyone else's feelings at the expense of your own. After all, it is a worrying time. I am also pleased that you are off work and I think people will be too busy with their own plans and will just think you have caught a bug or something. Just worry about keeping yourself well-rested and as well as you can. Please do keep posting and letting us know how you are. As I said in my previous post, I have been thinking about you all day and kept checking for your post. Don't give up and think the worst. If it is ectopic would they not have seen that on the scan? And would you have not bled.
    I have read on other forums stories like yourself that have turned out positive (and I am not just saying that). They have been told the sac is empty and told to go back for a scan in a week or so and then it is all there! They were just further behind than they thought.
    Love to you Smurf
  17. Just to echo what mi said, I was seven weeks at my first scan but I measured just 6 weeks, a full week behind my dates although my ov is only 2 days later. The bubs was only 4mm at that point. Baby also caught up the five days by the 12 weeks scan (weird eh?). It may be that it is all just slow at starting off and you are a few days behind what you thought you were. Anything before 6 weeks and they can't see much. Big hugs xx
  18. ((smurf)) sorry you are still in limbo. x x
    6 weeks is still very early and often nothing can be seen at this time, particularly as like missimpatient says, you could be a day or two out.
    Good luck on monday, hoping everything goes well for you. Take care, wishing you lots of love. x x x x
  19. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    Hi smurf, sorry to hear today didn't bring better news for you. They will be monitoring HCG levels from your blood tests. The level should double every 48 hrs in a 'normal' pregnancy. Have they told you what number you're on today? It's possible they think something could show up on a scan yet as I had to wait til 7 weeks before they'd give me one. As I said before if you want to unload on someone who's not involved like your mum and hubby are give me a shout. Wishing you all the best for the next few days.
  20. Oh Smurf, I hope you get to know exacly what is going on soon. It must be hard not knowing. I hope the next few days are quick and you get some good news soon, plenty of people are reading this so feel free to vent.

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