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Signed off work, temp contract

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by suburban_i, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. suburban_i

    suburban_i New commenter

    Dilemma i face is

    I have been signed off work by my GP for work related anxiety and stress. He has completed an assessment and certified this. As this year my absence has been over the average amount of days, my school is following procedures that they have to by law for a sickness management review meeting which i have bee advised to attend even by my union rep as this is meant to be supportive for me to go back to work. Now i was employed on a temp contract whihc has been re-newed yearly. I have been informed about 2 months ago that this will be ending end of the summer term and not being renewed for next academic year. I have been off work and stressing, worrying and been even mre restless as i am off and worried for the cover and the students as i have year 11 groups, and this term is crucial for them.

    i have to attend the meeting with a line manager and a member of HR from the council and with my union rep. I have to also go to visit my GP again so he can further advise me of my medical condition and if i am fit to return to work. My main concern is, as this is my first job and i have not been in this situation before

    what is included in this sic management meeting, and also as my contract is temporary and i am signed off sick, can the management/school in any way terminate my contract earlier or begin disciplinary procedures?
    i am off sick due to stress at work and now i am stressing more, thinking about the cover work and so on. Its really worrying me, i cannot sleep and the major reaason i have been signed off is due to the muscular pain and tension around my lower neck, back and shoulders which has been going on consistently for a few months, plus migraines, no sleep and so on.

    any advise is welcome i would highly appreciate..

    many thanks

  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    I think you need to attend the meeting and see what is suggested to be honest - It seems clear that this workplace is not doing you any good and as you are still unwell thinking of returning to work should not be a high priority. Ultimately as your contract ends in August I would focus on finding a situation better suited to you, though yes, the school may chose to make moves towards terminating your contract by entering a compromise agreement early as ongoing sickness absence has been an issue - at most this would mean missing out on a month or so of pay.
  3. So sorry to read all this. You say this is your first job so i take it you are a newly qualified teacher?The main reason they will be terminating your contract by the looks of it is because they can already see you are not coping.
    Why would they discipline you for? They can not do that just because you are sick that is being silly. But yes they can use your sickness a reason to not renew your contract also you was a temp which means they can terminate your contract as and when.
    What i would be questioning is what will be on your reference. Obviously if you wish to continue teaching then having anxiety, stress written will not go down to well for future employers. So you might think "are you better to quit whilst you are ahead" then start fresh.
    However I would also be questioning if this is the profession you want to be in if you are suffering with so much stress and anxiety and that too in your first teaching job. You might want to work on some stratergise. It might be wise to consider part time work? Or again the school could be at fault for not providing you with any support unless you never told them you was struggling?
    Go to the meeting listen then ask if u quit or they just simply do not renew you post will your illness be put down as a reason?
    Good luck
  4. Linda555

    Linda555 New commenter

    I was off with stress for a month last year and when I returned to work I was summoned to a "welfare meeting" which basically was a sickness management meeting. Apparently these are held in other industries too and although I had sleepless nights before it, it was actually just an official discussion about how to get me back to full time (as fast as possible) and seemed a box ticking exercise to show they had done "everything to look after my welfare". It was not punitive or threatening. Good luck with yours.
  5. suburban_i

    suburban_i New commenter


    i have been trying to change as realise it wasnot so clever. but i cant manage to change it on my account or profile *confused face*
  6. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Email the administrators of the site and get them to remove these posts. Then repost under a new username. You are easily searchable...

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