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Signed off with stress already :(

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by beth456, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. beth456

    beth456 New commenter


    I've just started my first teaching role in a nursery setting. I have been finding it very difficult with some behaviour problems in the classroom as well as getting used to nappy changing and bum-wiping and the general 'not actually teaching' aspect of a nursery setting. I know that this has made me stressed, snappy, and generally not the teacher I wanted want to be.

    I was called to talk to the heads where they asked how I was feeling. I told them I felt it had been hard and that I had been dropped into the setting with very little support. I was interrupted with them telling me this was not true, that there had been several complaints about me being over-emotional and crying in the toilets and that others had said I have not been pulling my weight in the classroom (they said that they did not need to tell me the specifics of what had been said). They said I was letting the children down. They told me that if I did not make significant improvements to the atmousphere in my classroom, they would not be renewing my contract. This broke me as (although I have not been enjoying it) I feel I have been putting in a huge amount of time, effort and money (buying resources) into the role already. None of the things I have done were even mentioned (to be honest no one has actually come to see what I've been doing - this was literally the only time I have spoken to the heads since my interview).
    I know that I can't expect congratulations for every little thing I do, but SOME recognition would be nice....

    The day after this happened I couldn't face going in to work and I have since been signed off until after the holidays with stress. I am worried about the aftermath when I go back. I feel I've just made things 10000 times worse by going on sick, I feel I've confirmed the school's worries about me and that I will be under close scrutiny for the rest of my time there. I already had few friends there and I feel like I won't have any when I get back. AND I've let the children down. I just don't know what to do for the best.... do I go back? Do I quit and try to find something else? How bad would that look with me not even getting through a half term?!? I have NO idea what to do for the best....
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Hi beth456

    Many people feel overwhemed with teaching and looking after very young children who depend upon you is not easy.

    Firstly, please believe me when I tell you that you have not let the children down.

    You have a week to rest and regroup. Your friends will be your friends when you go back as they will understand, so don't worry about that.

    What you have to think about is a plan to make things better for yourself and your class. What support do you think would make a difference?

    If you need someone to chat over your dilemma with and if you ring the Education Support Partnership and/or your union to help you make the right decision for you.

    If this is your first role are you a NQT? If you are, then you are entitled to support. No wonder you feel overwhelmed. Anyone would.

    Perhaps start with Education Support Partnership and then your union to find out what support you are entitled to.
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  3. beth456

    beth456 New commenter

    THANK YOU for this advice. I'll get in contact with the Education Support Partnership asap. I've already contacted my union to see what they can do, and I'm wainting for a keyworker to contact me.

    Yes, I'm an NQT and I didn't do any of my training in a nursery setting.

    thank you again
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  4. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    You are welcome.

    There will be a solution.
  5. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Why you are in a nursery setting if the "not teaching" aspects of the role are not what you want- particularly as you did train for an older age group? It sounds to me like the wrong job for you. You need to consider leaving before any more damage is caused to you and your reputation.
    As an NQT you should not be teaching outside of your areas you trained in and you must receive the full induction support including a mentor, reduced timetable and professional development. Without these in place then it is not a proper induction.
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  6. Northern_Miss

    Northern_Miss New commenter

    I think WelshWizard is likely spot on. If I was you, I would consider leaving. Firstly, you were not trained for this setting, but more worryingly still, the SLT at the school seem completely unsupportive and unsympathetic. I would consider resigning and applying for new posts. In the meantime, I would also consider volunteering in a local school, with an older age group, to rebuild your confidence. Who knows... your volunteering might even lead into another NQT position, as it did for a friend of mine!
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  7. serenitypolly41

    serenitypolly41 Occasional commenter

    I do not find it conductive for anyone's self esteem to have people running around complaining about others. Why couldn't these so called individuals have come up to you to let you know of anything that bothered them so to speak? That is the first question I would be asking. It doesn't sound like you've been thanked for anything either so naturally your fed up and depressed. I can understand that.

    I don't think this role is right for you. You could very well continue to carry on but as you say you feel like you will have eyes on you all the time. Think about it carefully but try and get yourself well first.
  8. beth456

    beth456 New commenter

    Hi hun, It is indeed not right for me at all and I have since handed my notice in. Wish me luck in finding something new!!! x
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