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sickness record not good now im pregnant HELP- WILL I LOSE MY JOB

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by pipper_ray, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. hi my sickness record is not good because i had from march till end of may last year off because of an operation unexpected, and recovery was difficult also my dad died during this time off which didnt help.
    but now i had two day off this year with shingles, the whole class has been struck down with chicken pox. so my head asked to see me and said i'd gone over the quota off days off and was now a course for concern and i should have any more time off! which is fine im not pulling a fast one any way she said she wasent going to take any action because of my op and real reason for my absence, but now im pregnant and worried they will say i cant do my job anymore or that i will lose my job, can i im so worried i love my job. but my partner is older and this may be my only chnace of having a baby! where do i stand what can they do to me???/
  2. GemLP

    GemLP New commenter

    You actually have nothing to worry about as any time off in your pregnancy cannot be recorded on your 'normal absence record' this is due to the fact they cannot determine that you would have had the time off were you not pregnant - ergo causing the sex descrimination act to kick in.
    I know this as I am in a similar position. Rather annoyingly I had been put onto a 'formal review' prior to falling pregnant as I had 5 absences in 12 months (irritatingly I could have had 4 5 day periods and not had a review, but as I had a couple of times where I was off for say a day it tipped me over!!) I had a discussion with my union rep as I was really worried like you, but was assured all is ok!!
    Hope this helps - try not to worry, just look after yourself and baby! You would be surprised how many members of staff at your school are actually under 'review' about absences!

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