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Sick with nerves. Any tips???

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by anon1369, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. I have got an interview tomorrow and I feel so sick with nerves. My brain feels like its got a million things swirling around my head and I am finding it hard to concentrate which is making it super difficult to put the finishing touches to my lesson plan etc.
    I am an NQT and this will only be my 4th interview with my last one being over 6 months ago. Supply has been dead so I have not taught since last year on my PGCE which is why I am so much more nervous.
    I have hardly slept for the past few nights and I know tonight is going to be even worse. Has anyone got any useful tips for relaxing yourself and helping sleep?
    I am not *that* worried about the lesson - my interview lessons have all gone quite well, its the actual interview part that I am rubbish at. I don't sell myself enough and my answers are usually rather short. I go in with good intentions but forget everything I want to say and obviously I remember it all as soon as I come out the interview.
    I really want this job! Only 2 people know I am going for it because I am fed up of telling people and them constantly asking how it went etc to then have to turn around and say I didn't get the job.
    My head is spinning and I feel like I am going into overdrive and I haven't even got there yet.
    Please tell me any useful tips you have. How do you relax both before an during an interview?
  2. I am in my final year of my teaching degree, just had my first NQT pool interview and getting ready for more interviews to come. One thing i got told to do was write short notes on index cards with the key things you have done over the past few years to act as reminders when you go into the interview!!! Hope it helps!
  3. I think you need to calm yourself down! Put some calming music on, have a hot bath and just relax!! Deep breaths! [​IMG]
    You're getting yourself so worked up about it that you won't be able to concentrate in the interview. Think of it as a chat with some people who can see your potential!
    If it helps, you can get liquid drops which have a calming effect - they're herbal and I think they're lavendar based. Also, try wearing a lavendar perfume - it has a calming effect.
    Most of all, you need to get rid of the tension that's building up. Try squeezing every muscle in your body, breathing out as you do. (Might work well in a hot bath).
    Good luck! [​IMG]

  4. Make a list of all the things you were proud of/lessons that went really well when you were doing your PGCE. This will give you examples to pull on during your interview as well as reminding you that you CAN do it!

    I have an interview tomorrow also (eek!) it's my first one as I'm a PGCE student but I really want the job too. I'm staying calm by preparing well and going through some practise interview questions so that I feel ready to answer at least some of the ones that will come up tomorrow.

    Good luck, you'll be fab!

  5. I also get terribly sick with nerves, even so far as to being physically sick and having to phone to cancel the interview (after putting all that effort into the application, interview lesson and interview preparation.)
    I've tried Rescue Remedy, St. John's Wort and even had beta blockers prescribed by my doctor but they didn't seem to help.
    I've had so many interviews that I can't remember how many there are so it's not as if I don't know what it's going to be like (though no two have ever been the same.)
    I've completed induction (through long term supply posts) so I know I can teach but I've only taught for 1 day since my last post ended at Easter as there were a few mixups re-registering with the agencies and by the time they were sorted out, schools had already got the teachers they keep asking back.
    The Jobcentre keep hassling me to apply for any old job but when I do, I rarely even get an acknowledgement. This is just adding to the pressure.
    I have another interview coming up this week and I'm feeling sick with nerves already.
  6. I am sorry to hear that fuzzle. My partner is similar to you and suffers even worse than me with nerves and is always physically sick. One thing I tried the night before my interview which seemed to help a bit was listening to Paul McKenna - I can't remember what it was called but it was about improving your confidence. That did help calm me down a bit, but I know for it to work properly you need to listen to it for a few weeks.
    That might be worth a try? I don't have much else to advise because I can't seem to find anything which works for me! Good luck with your interview.

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