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Sick of it!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Sazzlebomb, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I am a NQT in my third term but I am sick of it already and am considering leaving teaching. No other job has this much pressure and expects you to work at home as much as we do. I love teaching but I work to live, not live to work. Anyone else feel the same?
  2. YES! I'm not considering leaving teaching but I am not enjoying my job half as much as I was hoping I would! I really want to leave the school I'm in but know I have to stick it for this year then get out of there!
    I'm a year 5 teacher and my partner teacher is in her mid 30, single and lives on her own and works all the time! I live with my parents for my NQT year and it's like she is expecting me to do the same amount of work as her! Just this evening she's texted me with stuff, I'm like, hello? It's Sunday night, I'm not doing any work! When I offered to do some tomorrow morning she says she'd do it now and I know she'll be complaining that I'm not pulling my weight, well I did offer, it's not my fault if she wants to be in control all the time!
    I think I need to talk to my mentor because I cannot go on like this even to the rest of term let alone a whole year!
    I'm so glad there's someone else not enjoying their job!
  3. I do enjoy it but its the pressure I can't stand. I'm year 5 too but single form entry and my mentor is really good. But its the head, he micro manages everthing and its got to the point I'm scared to talk to anyone in case thay ask me to do something else! Spend all day on edge thinking I'm gonna get pulled up for something I haven't done yet/well enough. I won't leave teaching yet, only admitted to myself today that I was thinking about it. Will stick the year out then see. I have worked in other school so I know its not like this everywhere, totally depends on the head.
    Chin up, maybe we'll win the lotto :)
    Good luck!
  4. Currently unemployed and have done two terms of my NQT year and hated every minute of it. I had some great colleagues but the jo as some of you have said eats away at your life, has too much pressure attached to it and expects everything from you for not a fantastic pay. Lets not even get into the behaviour problems associated with it. I am still looking - for what little work there is out there - but am not bothered if I ever work in a school again.
  5. I thought this was just par for the course!
    I stay in school until 6pm every day, and take everything I can't get done there home. I don't work solidly in the evening because I eat, and wash 'n' dry my hair (which is what I'm doing now), but when my hands are free I go back to working.
    I work pretty much solidly over the weekend, too. Friday night I allow myself lighter duties, like marking, because I'm so knackered! Then I work all day Saturday. Sometimes I have Saturday evening off to (gasp) go out, but not every week. My pals had a dinner party this Saturday but I felt like I had too much to do and wouldn't allow myself to go. Then I worked all day Sunday until I fell into bed at about midnight.
    I'm relieved to hear that it's not just me putting these insane hours in. It's just not one of those jobs where you work set hours. But I'm telling you: the more tired I get, the harder I'm going to thump the next person who scoffs at how easy teaching is, how it's 9-3 and how we have more holidays than we know what to do with. I don't think any jury would convict me. [​IMG]
  6. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I worked the same as Lilybett during my NQT, although I always made sure there was 1 night per week I didn't work so I either had a date night with my OH on a Fri night or saw the girls on a Sat night.
    The NQT year is ridiculously hard work but its the foundations for years to come. How great will it be in the next year knowing you have LOADS of work already done and that it just needs to be tweaked and amended. Obviously there will be new topics etc but you'll have loads of resources to hand that you don't at the moment. It will get easier... and no pass/fail hanging over your head too!
    BTW I hope you're all uploading to (as well as downloading from) TES resources! The more work shared the easier it will be for everyone to have a better work/life balance x
  7. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    The first term is always the hardest Georgia. The kids push to see where your breaking point is and everything is new and requires alot of work. It could be the school but it could be just the huge learning curve. After a horrid NQT I have to say teaching in Higher Education was blissful and I loved it but the moments when your school students do really well or say how much they've enjoyed the lesson really make it worthwhile. You CAN do it just give it some more time x
  8. gemmamarie08

    gemmamarie08 New commenter

    I'm the same :( I hate the way it cuts into my life so much with marking (I teach L3 BTEC amongst other things), planning, chasing absences (I'm in a SFC), behaviour, endless paperwork and pressure.
    I always knew it would be hard work but I never imagined it would take over so much. I'll probably stick it out for the year or until Easter because I can't leave before that but I'm on the look out for other things - I'd consider maybe TA/HLTA or nursery assistant or maybe something completely different.
    Aargh this has turned in to a big vent lol x

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