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Sick note date

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by skellig1182, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to double check. I signed off with pregnancy related problems and will be going back to work after the Christmas holidays. Looking forward to getting back.

    Does my final sick note need to be dated the day before I return in January (jan 6th) or the first day of the Xmas holidays December the 24th? xx
  2. CWadd

    CWadd Star commenter

    I believe you can have the first day of a holiday as the day you are declared fit for work. The school then have the right to expect you back on the 7th Jan. But it depends on whether you are fit for work, and that is down to your GP.
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  3. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    Thank you:) Hopefully I will be, I’m hopefully going to go in for a couple of hours in the last week to see the children and staff. See how I get on. I’ll have my 12 week scan in a couple of weeks so hopefully I’ll be ready to get back to work. x
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  4. Robfreeman

    Robfreeman Occasional commenter

    Wait I've done this not for pregnancy but due to injury. I was signed off for the last two weeks of term. On the 31st of December I was back in the fracture clinic expecting to be told everything was ok. Instead i get signed off again tore two ligaments in my knee and damaged my patella (no stability). The consultant said I could go back but would probably hurt myself more so I took the sick note.

    The school I was at threatened to discipline me for being absent without leave as my previous note expired on the 18th of December and the new one didn't cover the half term period. So I had to get another one which was a complete pain to cover the period.

    It then got more interesting as when I did manage to get one which did cover the dates the gp had signed me off for another two weeks on top, which was another problem.
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  5. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    I’m hoping if I visit on the last day of term to see everyone and see where the children are at then that could be considered the end of the sick note anyway? I’ve had about 4/5 weeks off with hepermeses so I’ve missed quite a lot of time with the children. It’s nice to slowly get back in otherwise Jan 19 might be a shock to the system lol.x
  6. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    Surely the sick note should end when you would be fit enough to return to work, regardless of holidays. If you have not exhausted your full pay entitlement, it doesn't matter if it extends into the holiday (assuming Burgundy Book rules) as sick leave during the holiday does not count towards your entitlement.
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  7. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    Thanks Piranha:) I’ve been teaching 10 years so have 6 months full pay on sick leave. I’ve been off 4/5 weeks but will visit school during the last week. If I feel any worse during the last week I’ll ask my Gp to extend it. Looking forward to getting back to work. Im having some better days now so hopefully coming towards the end of the hepermeses. The bleeding has gone so hopefully the hematoma has resolved it self too! I’ll have my 12 week scan in a week and a half so I should know by the end of term if I’m fit enough. xx

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